Friday, January 30, 2009

Boy Crazy

If his sweet talkin' ways and impossible cowlicks don't do me in ... then those lashes surely will.

Turning One

You know the party is going well, when you have
to strip down to your diaper to open the gifts.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

Have you ever wondered if you should have another baby?

Yeah. Me too.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pro-Life Truths

Fifteen Pro-Life Truths to Speak

by: John Piper

1. Existing fetal homicide laws make a man guilty of manslaughter if he kills the baby in a mother's womb (except in the case of abortion).

2. Fetal surgery is performed on babies in the womb to save them while another child the same age is being legally destroyed.

3. Babies can sometimes survive on their own at 23 or 24 weeks, but abortion is legal beyond this limit.

4. Living on its own is not the criterion of human personhood, as we know from the use of respirators and dialysis.

5. Size is irrelevant to human personhood, as we know from the difference between a one-week-old and a six-year-old.

6. Developed reasoning powers are not the criterion of personhood, as we know from the capacities of three-month-old babies.

7. Infants in the womb are human beings scientifically by virtue of their genetic make up.

8. Ultrasound has given a stunning window on the womb that shows the unborn at eight weeks sucking his thumb, recoiling from pricking, responding to sound. All the organs are present, the brain is functioning, the heart is pumping, the liver is making blood cells, the kidneys are cleaning fluids, and there is a fingerprint. Virtually all abortions happen later than this date.

9. Justice dictates that when two legitimate rights conflict, the limitation of rights that does the least harm is the most just. Bearing a child for adoption does less harm than killing him.

10. Justice dictates that when either of two people must be inconvenienced or hurt to alleviate their united predicament, the one who bore the greater responsibility for the predicament should bear more of the inconvenience or hurt to alleviate it.

11. Justice dictates that a person may not coerce harm on another person by threatening voluntary harm on themselves.

12. The outcast and the disadvantaged and exploited are to be cared for in a special way, especially those with no voice of their own.

13. What is happening in the womb is the unique person-nurturing work of God, who alone has the right to give and take life.

14. There are countless clinics that offer life and hope to both mother and child (and father and parents), with care of every kind lovingly provided by people who will meet every need they can.

15. Jesus Christ can forgive all sins, and will give all who trusts him the help they need to do everything that life requires.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Geography 101 ... or I Love My Baby's Thighs

Okay. These are the geomorphological features of Australia ...

Are my pupils listening???
Are you paying attention to the forest degradation and desertification?

Are you staring at my shapely thighs?

Just because I wear a diaper AND I am missing my pants,
that is no reason to giggle ... or swoon.

Now where were we ...

Mercy Days Academy ... No discrimination on the grounds of race, color, sex, marital status, religion, national origin, age, or ability to change your own diaper.


Lincoln’s Logic on Slavery Applied to Abortion

January 22, 2009 | By: John Piper
Category: Commentary

On January 12, 2009 Samantha Heiges, age 23, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for drowning her newborn in Burnsville, Minnesota. If she had arranged for a doctor to kill the child a few weeks earlier she would be a free woman.

What are the differences between this child before and after birth that would justify it’s protection just after birth but not just before? There are none. This is why Abraham Lincoln’s reasoning about slavery is relevant in ways he could not foresee. He wrote:

You say A. is white, and B. is black. It is color, then; the lighter, having the right to enslave the darker? Take care. By this rule, you are to be slave to the first man you meet, with a fairer skin than your own.

You do not mean color exactly? You mean the whites are intellectually the superiors of the blacks, and, therefore have the right to enslave them? Take care again. By this rule, you are to be slave to the first man you meet, with an intellect superior to your own.

But, say you, it is a question of interest; and, if you can make it your interest; you have the right to enslave another. Very well. And if he can make it his interest, he has the right to enslave you. (“Fragments: On Slavery")

There are no morally relevant differences between white and black or between child-in-the-womb and child-outside-the-womb that would give a right to either to enslave or kill the other.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More To Think About

5 Reasons I am thankful during Obama's Inauguration

HT: Leslie at Lux Venit

A Prayer for President Obama - Al Mohler

Being Pro-life Christians Under a Pro-Choice President - John Piper


me·te·or·ol·o·gist: One who reports and forecasts weather conditions.


As I like to say ... One who consistently hypes up my children with false hope over made-up stories of snow accumulation.

We are a tad bit disappointed.

This is behind our house today after the forecast called for
snow through the night and into today of up to two inches.

A Day of Victory?

National Sanctity of Human Life Day was January 15th (Thursday of last week). Most likely the last official Proclamation like this for quite some time.

He has surely made mistakes, but I will miss having a president who took a stand for the unwanted and unborn child.

It was seven years ago that President Bush made the Proclamation:

"Let us recognize the day with appropriate ceremonies in our homes and places of worship, rededicate ourselves to compassionate service on behalf of the weak and defenseless, and reaffirm our commitment to respect the life and dignity of every human being."

I have written some here and here about the gruesome and horrific truth of abortion. The absolute sin and hatred of God it represents and how we (including the "Christian" we) have not only turned our heads but also covered our eyes and ears to avoid looking at the atrocity.

Today, as our nation celebrates the Inauguration of our 44th President, I cannot help but to grieve.

Grieve for the unborn who will never waken to a day on this earth.

Grieve for our culture that is blind to its wicked ways and has given way to the sinful desires of idol worship ... and let us not forget ... our God is jealous.

Grieve for our nation that sees a victory in the election of our new President who has a proven disregard for human life.

While certainly there is victory in the promise of progress. The progress from a nation divided over slavery and hatred to one that has begun to heal and recognize the heinous consequences of it's actions. It is not lost on me that history is being written today.

But it comes with such a price.

The celebratory manner in which people have encircled this man is a reflection of what matters most to men ... and it seldom reflects obedience to God.

I do not see a victory in the election of this President. One who speaks hope and promise while silencing the cries of the unborn. One who has been relentless in his pursuit of more freedoms for the business of baby killing.

They are facts that don't bode well on this day of "victory".


We need to be reminded ... again and again.

Benjamin was born at 38 weeks gestation ...
An age where babies can be legally aborted in this country.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Remember When

Having a big girl fills my heart up in an unspeakable way. Her pursuit of adult conversation and her desire to bring me joy through little acts of service are God's precious grace gifts in my life.

It does not make me sad one bit, either.

Nope. Not at all.

Especially if I don't stare too long into her baby brother's eyes.

That are the exact same shade of blue ...

All The Way Baby!

Friday, January 16, 2009

In Pursuit of Me Time

Me Time (aka: Facebook)

This is a thought provoking read and one that I agree with but I don't always embrace.

The exasperation that comes at the end of a long day when I simultaneously sigh and think aloud, "Don't I deserve just a little time to myself???"
often reveals more about the state of my heart than anything else.

HT: Smockity Frocks

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I love ...

I wanted to share some love and even though I started this post well over a month ago, I figured that since I still love all these things just as much now, I would go ahead and post it! I have added a couple of things that have found a special place in my heart.

I ordered this from KozyPal Cart Covers before Christmas. I absolutely love it and it is made to fit inside both the standard buggy and the bigger carts too (Costco, Sam's) as well as the wooden high chairs at restaurants. That little front pouch is where I stick my phone and lists and there is another pouch inside for a juice cup. It also comes with a place to attach links for toys. I compared it to others and it is so full and padded that I have laid Benjamin down cross-ways and he has napped in it quite comfortably! The fabric choices are about endless but I settled for the one you see in the picture.

The Playmobil Nativity is my favorite Christmas decoration for 2008. I wanted it the previous year but couldn't find it. When I saw it at Toys-R-Us after Thanksgiving I was sure to grab it. Samuel loved that his Playmobil pirates could exchange secret spy weapons gifts from afar and hairdo's with Joseph and the wise men.

I love this Johnson's Soothing Naturals Balm for my baby and his sweet cheeks! My friend, Kelly (super-chick & with-it mom who always has the matching shoes) told me about it and ever since, I have stalked Target waiting for them to get more in. I keep a small stash so I can give it to new momma's. I will tell you that if you have a baby with ultra-sensitive skin, it does have a fragrance (that smells heavenly!) just in case that might irritate them.
I don't love running in below freezing temps. 40 degrees is near perfection, but I'd take 30+ any ol' day.


If I must.

I will run in my beloved Under Armour tights. It is not ever often that you will find me using the words "beloved" and "tights" in the same sentence. They are truly very comfortable and very warm.

I made this with Samuel before Christmas using a piece of flat canvas and ribbon. I had all sorts of good plans to write more about Christmas and then all of a sudden! Christmas was over! It was January!

Since it passed so quickly, I decided to leave our tree up into January, so we could bask in the sentiment of our heartfelt decor just a bit longer.

Or. I have procrastinated the chore and now I am thinking of moving out.

We loved making our Jesse Tree and reading the daily devotions leading up to Christmas Day. Because I came by this idea a little late into the season, we really just threw together a daily craft to complete the ornament. This fall, I would love to participate in a group effort where we make a wide assortment of ornaments and everyone goes home with a completed set.

Here are links with more information: Rocks In My Dryer wrote about it here & here and linked to it, here.

Ann Voskamp from Holy Experience has this book and I find her words to be some of the most soothing yet convicting I have ever read apart from bible. Her blog is on my sidebar.

Oh, how I love my pencil. I have wanted it from the first time I saw it two years ago. It was entirely too expensive and really not practical at the time because we did not have a room dedicated to school.

Then. Pottery Barn offered free shipping on every. single. thing. they carry (except furniture) and ... AND my beloved pencil was on sale, to boot!

Can anyone spot the camera-shy child?

I love watching my boy do new things. In Upwards basketball, the kids run out of the "tunnel" through a cloud of smoke with the music blaring and the announcer calling their name, just like the NBA! Since Sam was at the back of the line, he had plenty of time to get his nerves worked up real good.

Later, he told his daddy that it was fun but his legs were kind of shaking together.

He's the one in the doorway

I love my Christmas present from The Vintage Pearl.



One more thing I love? That makes me laugh and cry on the inside?

My boy and his precious voice saying the words, "Mary and Joe-Fuss".
Ya'll, it leaves me undone.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


From Hannah behind the lens again ...

Christmas ... We Made Cookies

Friday, January 09, 2009

The Giggles

Tell the truth.

At first glance.

Don't they look like midgets?

September 2002-

All Over the Map ... Church

I have drafted a post about church. Then I started another about Christmas. Of course, there is our visit from the Jolly family. I think I might give an overview of the last 30 days and hope with good intentions to come back and elaborate.

But. You know good intentions don't have the best reputation.

How about I'll give it my best shot? Here's the first brief installment:

Our journey through finding a church was short and covered with grace and mercy. Because we have tried to be deliberate in seeking a body that honors God and His Word through very intentional expository preaching and also closely reflects a model to the New Testament church, our options were not overwhelming.

But after our first visit to Grace Bible we were consumed with peace ... and joy ... and hope ... Our expectations were met and then surpassed!

Of course, what followed was an impending fear of doom and the inevitable reality that surely it could not be this seamless, could it? Chris spoke for most of us, one evening after visiting with the elders from Grace Bible, when he said, "we just want to know if we've hit bottom yet."

Brian and Jenn have written some and I will write more soon. The short version is: His mercies endure forever. Thank you for your prayers.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

On The Mend

Benjamin ... Sunday Afternoon

Benjamin ... This Afternoon

Oh, yes sir. You have been caught.

Oh no. I am not falling for the old "playin' possum" trick again.
Sweet talkin', huh? You are one smart little dude.

We are so glad to have our little head-buttin', dog-food eatin', milk-cup throwin', precious bundle of snuggles back to his regular old stinkin' cute self.

Oh. One other thing.

Sam says:

"Na-Nu, Na-Nu to all my peeps."

Gray Skies

Hannah took this today and I had no idea until I was uploadin pics tonight. She loves to take pictures ... and hold babies ... and drink mocha frappuccinos.

I'm a little fond of her.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My favorite calendar for mapping out our schedule is Amy Knapp's Big Grid Family Organizer. I should have bought it last year since it is always hard to find. It's not available on her website, but I found it at Calendar's.Com and with free shipping! The code I used is EM3X9.

I am not all about the stickers and lists but I absolutely love the gigantic size and space for appointments and menu planning. I can't tell from the picture, but all of the previous calendars have lines on each individual date box that I use for keeping up with our schedule and then a shaded box on the bottom for the menu.
I have tried so many different organizational/datebook/calendar doo-mah-flichee's but this is the one that has stuck every year. I have also used the MomAgenda to keep with me and loved it too, but it's kind of pricey. The first year I received it as a gift and the following year I found it clearanced during early spring. I'll be on the lookout for a deal because full-price is just no fun.

Benjamin seems to have turned the corner, with only one bad episode last night. Without a nebulizer here I did feel a little panicked but it subsided after spending time outside in the cold air. He still sounds like he just smoked a pack of camels but he is behaving quite ornery ... and that's a good thing ;)

I hope to post more later about our wonderful Christmas and some thoughts about the New Year.


Monday, January 05, 2009


Benjamin has croup and we spent last night (is 3 a.m. night?) at the ER getting his little airway opened up. He was really struggling for air when I got there but is better today. I tried a couple of breathing treatments at home with a borrowed nebulizer but it took some epinephrine to do the trick.

Just wanted to keep our family updated.
Picture from my cell phone at the hospital

Saturday, January 03, 2009


I finally updated my sidebar to include some links about homeschooling and also the girls' blogs. Several of us are fighting off colds. I will post Christmas highlights soon. What a blessed December we had!

Friday, January 02, 2009

A Welcomed Distraction

The Jolly's are leaving today, after a wonderful week-long visit. It was such a sweet time for our families.

I hate goodbyes.

Let's look at the baby instead ...