Thursday, January 15, 2009

I love ...

I wanted to share some love and even though I started this post well over a month ago, I figured that since I still love all these things just as much now, I would go ahead and post it! I have added a couple of things that have found a special place in my heart.

I ordered this from KozyPal Cart Covers before Christmas. I absolutely love it and it is made to fit inside both the standard buggy and the bigger carts too (Costco, Sam's) as well as the wooden high chairs at restaurants. That little front pouch is where I stick my phone and lists and there is another pouch inside for a juice cup. It also comes with a place to attach links for toys. I compared it to others and it is so full and padded that I have laid Benjamin down cross-ways and he has napped in it quite comfortably! The fabric choices are about endless but I settled for the one you see in the picture.

The Playmobil Nativity is my favorite Christmas decoration for 2008. I wanted it the previous year but couldn't find it. When I saw it at Toys-R-Us after Thanksgiving I was sure to grab it. Samuel loved that his Playmobil pirates could exchange secret spy weapons gifts from afar and hairdo's with Joseph and the wise men.

I love this Johnson's Soothing Naturals Balm for my baby and his sweet cheeks! My friend, Kelly (super-chick & with-it mom who always has the matching shoes) told me about it and ever since, I have stalked Target waiting for them to get more in. I keep a small stash so I can give it to new momma's. I will tell you that if you have a baby with ultra-sensitive skin, it does have a fragrance (that smells heavenly!) just in case that might irritate them.
I don't love running in below freezing temps. 40 degrees is near perfection, but I'd take 30+ any ol' day.


If I must.

I will run in my beloved Under Armour tights. It is not ever often that you will find me using the words "beloved" and "tights" in the same sentence. They are truly very comfortable and very warm.

I made this with Samuel before Christmas using a piece of flat canvas and ribbon. I had all sorts of good plans to write more about Christmas and then all of a sudden! Christmas was over! It was January!

Since it passed so quickly, I decided to leave our tree up into January, so we could bask in the sentiment of our heartfelt decor just a bit longer.

Or. I have procrastinated the chore and now I am thinking of moving out.

We loved making our Jesse Tree and reading the daily devotions leading up to Christmas Day. Because I came by this idea a little late into the season, we really just threw together a daily craft to complete the ornament. This fall, I would love to participate in a group effort where we make a wide assortment of ornaments and everyone goes home with a completed set.

Here are links with more information: Rocks In My Dryer wrote about it here & here and linked to it, here.

Ann Voskamp from Holy Experience has this book and I find her words to be some of the most soothing yet convicting I have ever read apart from bible. Her blog is on my sidebar.

Oh, how I love my pencil. I have wanted it from the first time I saw it two years ago. It was entirely too expensive and really not practical at the time because we did not have a room dedicated to school.

Then. Pottery Barn offered free shipping on every. single. thing. they carry (except furniture) and ... AND my beloved pencil was on sale, to boot!

Can anyone spot the camera-shy child?

I love watching my boy do new things. In Upwards basketball, the kids run out of the "tunnel" through a cloud of smoke with the music blaring and the announcer calling their name, just like the NBA! Since Sam was at the back of the line, he had plenty of time to get his nerves worked up real good.

Later, he told his daddy that it was fun but his legs were kind of shaking together.

He's the one in the doorway

I love my Christmas present from The Vintage Pearl.



One more thing I love? That makes me laugh and cry on the inside?

My boy and his precious voice saying the words, "Mary and Joe-Fuss".
Ya'll, it leaves me undone.


Kim said...

Such a sweet post! I love your school room...we are thinking about redoing our playroom and making it a school/playroom, right now it has a pool table and lots of toys and I want it to be more colorful, less grown up looking and a great place for creativity to soar! Yours looks like that kind of room! And since all of our previous school rooms have had to become bedrooms, we need a neat space for school and playtime!

I love the Mary and Jo sweet!

Tracy said...

Hey. I just clicked on the link to your new church and the first thing I noticed was a Don Whitney conference. He came and spoke 2 years back to back at the men's conf. my husband organizes for our little "in the middle of- no where" church. HE WAS GREAT! We have gone through his book (years before) at one of our bible studies. He then preached on Sunday morning at our church. Try to hear him if you can.

Anonymous said...

-I think if Webster ever wanted to include an entry for your name, this post would complete it! After reading it, I feel like we've spent the afternoon together. Sure do miss you!
-Reading the word "buggy" made me smile. Feels like home. Using that word in Maryland invites some interesting responses.
-The crowd sure looks whipped into a frenzy by all the music and smoke at Sam's basketball game. No wonder he was a little shaky.
-Al IV will love you even more when he finds out you run in Under Armour. You are so cool now.
-My Sam may be on to something with the Pirate thing. Joseph could have used some of their daring-do as they fled to Egypt!
-One thing I love is our friendship, hope to see you soon, L

Shannon said...

Those are such great pictures. I loved this post. I love that pencil!