Monday, April 28, 2008

A Movie Review

My Hannah has written a movie review on her new blog.

Go see....

Our Humble Opinions

Homeschool Prodigy

For your listening enjoyment....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A little meme for your enjoyment...

I am too busy to actually come up with posts that are coherent, so here's a meme with some really thrilling info about my deepest thoughts and .....what the weather is here.

I am actually tagging people this time, so you can add this to your extra long to-do list.

Or not.

Jenn, Leslie, Kim, Christina, Sophia, Tracy, & Wendy let's see what ya think :)

You’re feeling: overwhelmed

To your left: rooster hooks with Samuel's jackets and ball caps

On your mind: Chris' younger brother coming to visit (tomorrow)....the other brother getting married and we weren't able to be there (yesterday)

Last meal included: a cupcake made by Jenn (yum)

You sometimes find it hard to: not flip my wig

The weather: FINALLY SUNNY!

Something you have a collection of: charms on my James Avery bracelet

A smell that cheers you up: fresh cut grass

A smell that can ruin your mood: vomit (just typing that word almost ruined my mood)

How long since you last shaved: several days (the last time it was sunny)

The current state of your hair: pulled up curly...haven't blown it dry in a couple of months

The largest item on your desk/workspace (not computer): photo album

Your skill with chopsticks: what a waste of my last nerve that would be

Which section you head for first in a bookstore: children's literature

Something you’re craving: bread...any my tummy

Your general thoughts on the presidential race: it ain't pretty

How many times have you been hospitalized this year: once- for baby Benjamin!

Favorite place to go for a quiet moment: Do what?

You’ve always secretly thought you’d be a good: hairdresser

Something that freaks you out a little: my kids riding ahead of me on their bikes down a steep hill when I am screaming....SCREAMING...their name and they don't stop at the intersection and a car is coming.

Can you tell this happened recently?

Something you’ve eaten too much of lately: Peanut Butter Bliss from Weight Watchers

You have never: been in the hospital except to have my children

You never want to: work in an office job again...gag.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Say What?

from the product website:

Why use Milkscreen?

Because all mothers are unique! So, naturally the way our bodies process alcohol is unique, too. Metabolizing alcohol depends on several factors including:

*Body Weight
*Type of Alcohol Consumed
*Food Intake

Following generalized guidelines may result in using alcohol-tainted milk, but with Milkscreen Mom can ensure that her breast milk is alcohol free.


could abstain (gasp) from drinking alcohol while you are providing nourishment for your growing baby.

Friday, April 18, 2008

How stuff works...

I am doing Weight Watchers.

I am trying to say that without gritting my teeth. Whoever said it's easy to lose weight and nurse a baby is either:

A.) A liar


B.) A liar

It is not easy for me. The only thing easy for me is consuming 4-5 THOUSAND calories a day, yet managing to touch nary a vegetable or fruit.

I consider it a gift.

So as Samuel would say, "Here's the deal"....

Weight Watchers has these little 1-point bars called, Peanut Butter Bliss.

Bliss? Well yes, I would say they are blissful. Blissfully wicked and evil.

These little bars are like crack and I am figuring out that even though I am allotted 36 points per day I cannot eat 36 of these little crack-bars.

And so now I'm back to gritting my teeth.....since it's the only thing I can do to KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT.

Fishing with Jabber-Jaws

Dad got a boat. It is a bass boat which basically means it looks like a floating pier so that the angler can maneuver himself with ease on the deck. It also means that small children are more than guaranteed to take a swim.

It didn't happen.


It's gonna happen.

He (the angler) took the kids to the lake yesterday afternoon. The weather was perfect for luring a large-mouth bass.


He took Emma & Samuel. I always giggle on the inside when the angler thinks he might "fish" with Samuel keeping him company.

That is some crazy thinkin' right there.

Instead, he was able to suffer from brain implosion appreciate what I deal with on a daily basis, which is.....

The Chatter.

The non-stop, endless, relentless, never-ending stream of noise that comes from our son.


He says things like...

"Otay guys. I hate to tell you dis...but you in the bottom three."
"Otay. Dat guy who says dat other guy is voted off I don't like dat guy he not a nice guy he says Jackezie is not a good singer but him is a good singer and I like Jackezie and want him to sing on American Idol cause him is a good singer and he sings I JACKEZIE BABY I BELIEVE."

One breath and in the span of 4.2 seconds with no commas or periods.

and this...

"Otay, here's da deal. It's like dis. You say Speed Racer is not a good movie but it is a good movie and I LOVE dat movie and I don't know why you say it is not a good movie cause the Speed Racer game is a good game and i want to play dat game on the compooter and you say that it can't work on the compooter so den I want to buy dat game at Target and I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, you say don't say dat again about to buy dat game at Target but please, please, please I can buy dat game......Mom?"

Here is where the brain implodes.

Here are pictures of "Jaws" in action.

Better luck next time Dad.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Deliberate Parenting

Cell phones. The great rite of passage for the teenager. (sarcastic scoff)

It has taken the place of the phone in their room (a big fat deal when I was growing up). Once a child reaches middle school, a cell phone is; argued from the child's perspective, a necessity.

Since my daughter did spend a year in public middle school, I know that there is a large percentage of kids with cell phones. I had my finger on the pulse of the throbbing 6th grade trends.

Cell phones, mascara, and boyfriends. In that order.

The argument discussion came about often (too often) and ended with my same old adage...."you will have a cell phone when you need a cell phone and when we feel like you are ready for a cell phone."

As far as the other trends, she wears clear mascara and boyfriends are.....friends who are boys. Read my posts about purity for more insight there :)

I said then.....and I still say, that it is not a necessity but rather the gateway drug for the technology addiction that grips not only children, but adults as well. I see people of all ages talking on their cell phones at the most inappropriate times and HELP ME with the worst "inside voice" I've ever heard!

The same person who you reminded to brush their teeth, tuck in their shirt, and shut the car door is now intrusted with a device that opens up their world to anybody, anywhere, anytime.

These same kids have spent a great majority of their lives without phones and managed at dance class or soccer practice just fine. I could stand to be corrected, but I believe that most public places still allow you to use their phones for local calls.

I mean just last week, I was talking to Jenn and lost my cell phone in Target somewhere around the Diet Cokes. After listening to Matthew West sing his heart out faintly from aisle 7, I was able to track that sucker down.

But not before the store offered to let me use....THEIR PHONE to try and call it.

See, people? There are options.

Modern advances have their place but if adults don't know what "that place" is, how can we expect children to? Aren't we placing a huge burden on them to make adult decisions before they are ready? Doesn't this mimic so many other culture induced behaviors where kids are encouraged to act like adults?

Insert video of ballroom-dancing children doing the samba.

Hannah has girls that play on her field hockey team who keep their phones with them at all times. They are warned by coaches to put them away, but they are busy texting their boyfriends and are shackled to them for fear of missing out on important news. All the while their moms are sitting in their mini-vans talking on their phones. Oblivious. To the world.

My daughter expresses her frustration when I pick her up.

"Why don't they want to play field hockey? What are they here for anyway? Do they know they look like raccoons with all that make-up on?"

I hear ya sister. Glad you decided to join me on my bandwagon.

Anyone can contact your child through the cell any time.....sharing any vulgar, crude, inappropriate pertinent information they please. I am always perplexed at the ease in which most parents make the decision to hand a phone over to their kid.

Do me this favor. If you agree, then vigorously nod your head and go about your day. If you disagree, then please read this article.

Read God's Word. Humbly ask Him for grace, wisdom, guidance, and strength. Think.

Then parent.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday, April 07, 2008 action

Sam with no training wheels!!!!

Sam bustin' a move!!!

It's good to be Sam.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma Cathryn!

Another birthday??? Stop the madness! These children are growing up too fast :(

Emma came into our life at a time when Hannah was just a baby. How in the world would we be able to handle the task of parenting two little girls when we were still so young ourselves? Our finances made things tight and another child would only contribute to burden.

Oh, but that little baby girl has brought nothing but joy to our lives! She is a sweet blessing who brightens up the room and has worked her way into the hearts of so many who love her.

The moment that Hannah saw her in the hospital, Emma became "her" baby and it stayed that way until little sister was old enough to put a stop to that! Now they are the epitome of sister-friends. Different in so many ways but as they grow older their differences are serving as compliments to their intimate bond.

I am both envious and grateful at the same time.

Emma has a devout love for all things baby. She nurtures Samuel when he lets her and stands ready and waiting with her arms open wide, so she can have her turn to cuddle and care for Benjamin.

I can see glimpses of the young lady that God is shaping right before my eyes and I am grateful for His goodness and work in her life.

We love you Emma. Happy Birthday!

Here are some pictures from her special day with family....