Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Smile

10 weeks old

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yummies ...

Every year we make Almond Bark Popcorn, Muddy Buddies, Covered Pretzels, and Sugar Cookies. We change things up and try different goodies but these are the staples :)


One Bag Popcorn (remove kernels after popping)
1/2 block of White Almond Bark

*Melt the bark in a large microwavable bowl and add the popcorn. Stir until it is blended together. Spread across wax paper to harden. While it is still wet you can shake on colored sprinkles.

Here is the recipe for the Muddy Buddies. Enjoy!

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Monday, December 28, 2009

He transitions quickly ...

From: Nurturer

To: Nutball

He started trick-moves here ...

Exhausted from his antics ...

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Samuel's Birthday Party

I used to blog about the things we did and I tried to mark the special occasions with meaningful words and beautiful pictures.

Then I had two more babies and was introduced to Facebook and it has been harder and harder to find the time to blog ... but I miss it so much and I am really looking to purpose some special time each day to post.

With that in mind, please forgive the absolute randomness of the posts that may follow in the coming weeks. Please also forgive the obnoxious number of pictures because that is the easiest way to tell a story with a minimal amount of time ;)

We celebrated Sam's birthday with friends at the Playroom in Chester. To sum that up, it meant that Sam and his friends could bounce off the walls ... holler and get sweaty ... all while the momma's of his friends could sit with me and discuss life.

Or the woes of breastfeeding ... which right now is my life.

Cupcakes by Jenn

Clone Wars Cake by Jenn

Birthday boy in all his cuteness

Birthday boy and his best friend ...
Who has since moved over 1,000 miles away ...
Gulp ...
Can't go there.

The friends

Goodies by Dusty


Benjamin ... aka: Lashes

Surprise visit from Daddy!

"Lashes" bit it on the big slide.
Momma kisses worked like magic
We had nighttime festivities at our house. We let the kids pick dinner for their birthdays. The girls are all about going out to eat but Sam spared us the dollars and ordered up Chick-fil-A!

He loved his special gifts from his brother and sisters, Gigi & Papaw, and Uncle Curt & Aunt Cinda.

Um. Mine?

So the truck was supposed to be a gift FOR Samuel?

We had a happy day celebrating our biggest boy!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Still here ...

Treading water ... with what feels like weights on my ankles at times. Much thanks to my girlfriends for putting up with the hormonal flood of emotions. Thanks to my husband for feigning a look of understanding over my complete meltdown regarding a certain person's bedtime even though understanding was the last thing I needed ... more like a swift kick in the pants.

Or maybe a full nights sleep.

Or maybe both.

Anyway, the parts of the day that seem doable are showing up a little more often than not. That's a good thing.

The parts of the day that seem overwhelming and unbearable ... well, they are really overwhelming and I am downright unbearable.

So the truth is that I am quite ready for Christmas (all gifts bought) and we even stayed up way too late last night to bake gifts for teachers and friends (co-op today). The tree is up and most of the decor, which I thought might not make it this year.

Baby girl is beautiful and sweet except for between the hours of 7-9 pm.

Then she is just beautiful ... in a howling cat sort of way.

Dad does a splendid job of taking over and has mastered a STOMP AROUND THE HOUSE WHILE BOUNCING VIGOROUSLY method and making SHHHHH noises that she seems to love!

It sounds crazy but it really works. I just don't have the energy for all the shhh-shing and stomping so I'm glad he's up for it ;)

When he takes her, I usually head up for my nightly granny bath and listen from upstairs and try not to cry over the whole blessed event.

It is a season. I know this ebb and flow well. Just like this holiday season, I will miss it when it's gone and during the entire process I struggle to keep my heart focused on the right thing.

So in an effort towards keeping traditions without losing our minds, we have grand thoughts of doing the Christmas Card pic this afternoon.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated ;)

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