Sunday, July 14, 2013

Turning the Page

Hoping few to zero people see this blog while I am trying to work out the design kinks. I don't want to spend actual dollars to spiff it up but it was a poor reflection of me before; both in style and content. Not that I don't value all that content that I apparently needed to share with the world, but I feel my writing (just like my life) going in a different direction. I'm sad that I didn't record more of my thoughts these last several years but maybe that is more defining than writing itself would have been.

I was truly overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed like, "the waves overwhelmed the small child and he was swept away into the current and he drowned."

Like that. I was drowning.

But here I am. A little less overwhelmed. The tide that ebbs and flows slowed just enough for me to catch my breath and let loose of some shackles that made it dreadfully hard to keep my head above water. Still, I expect to find myself gargling in the waves in no time so be prepared for the typical hiatuses. I am nothing, if not consistently inconsistent.

But my heart is still full of sentiment, my thoughts still race a mile a minute and my children are relentlessly growing older by the minute. So, I hope to let that spill over here with words and pictures.

Because one day, my heart will long to be overwhelmed by these beautiful Mercy Days.

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The Fourth

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