Wednesday, May 18, 2011

April ... in pieces (also known as: MAN WE'VE BEEN BUSY!)

She turned 14.

We went out for lunch after church for her birthday.
It always seems like a good idea.
It usually turns out to be quite the fiasco.
We do it anyway because tradition trumps toddler-tantrums.

Later, we won't remember the tantrums.

We'll just remember that she turned 14.
And that they weren't toddlers very long.

We ran in the Monument Avenue 10-K again.
Sam & Dad ran in the Kids 1-mile. 
VCU just happened to make it to the Final Four.
Pretty much everybody in this city was a fan :)

Babies cheering on Hannah & Mom ...
Bless their hearts, somehow they missed us :(

Hannah & Amy

One of the many costumed runners ...

All tuckered out.

Emma celebrated her birthday with friends the following weekend ...

First: Sweet Frog Yogurt

Then back to our house!
Emma & Elyse have the same birthday!

Any ideas for what to do about this?
The whole "growing up" thing?

Cause it's gettin' outta control, ya'll.

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Monday, May 02, 2011

Guess what? My kids are growing up.

Finally framed our school pics from this year ... and yes I have had them for approximately 5 months.

But I did it!

I keep the old pics behind the new ones in the same frame because I think it's a good place to keep them.
And because I am too lazy and unorganized to find another place to keep them.
And I like to pull them out each year and torture myself with the ridiculous rate of growing that they do each year.

Here. Have fun torturing yourself too ;)

He's about 18 months old in the middle pic.
It was right about here that he began to woo the ladies in this family.
It's been a downhill slippery slope ever since ;)

I remember the far left pic like it was yesterday. He was only 3.
When they handed it to me I started to cry because he looked so old.
I did that today too.

I thought my baby girl was so big in the first pic (far left).
What did I know?

I thought she was my last baby girl ;)
And again ...

What did I know?