Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Homeschool (and Life) Hodge Podge - October

October was a busy month too!

I posted about these big events:

Some special days

The girls love their co-op classes:

School days at home have been hectic with two babies and a lot of driving. I am still trying to figure out how to strike the balance between the two and relish the season without constantly looking forward to when things are "easier".


Hannah photographed her first wedding

Amphibians & Reptiles Field Trip
Pocahontas State Park

Does it not look like the woman is trying to get the turtle to "get" Jenn?
I love this picture with all my heart.

Benjamin had no fear of petting the snake ...
until right after this picture and the snake whipped him
in the eye with his tail. That kind of shook him up a little.


Troy Polamalu

Pweewa the Duck

Cowboy Benjamin

Sweet evening-time with Daddy
Daylight Savings is not my friend :(

Dissecting owl pellets at Pocahontas State Park
for our lesson on birds
Sam giving his animal report
on the white wolf
Benjamin & Emily
(need I say more?)

Jenn saving my child from a near
fatal attack of mosquitos. NO KIDDING.
It started innocently enough while the kids
were on a scavenger hunt, when all of a sudden
we noticed the SWARMS of mosquitos everywhere!
We were at the bottom of this hill when it started and we had to
high-tail it back up ... and quick! Poor Benjamin is crazy sensitive
to mosquito bites! I have never seen anything like it in my life.
More from the bird class

Did I mention that the baby girl turned 1?
No, we can hardly believe it either.

Squanto waiting on his bow & arrow ...
please do not judge me for my filthy windows.

Richmond Zoo
(Hannah & Emily)
Emma loved to feed the birds.
Benjamin loved to watch me feed the birds.
Man they looked so good and they were kind of a pain
in the fanny to make, but contrary to the very cute pictures,
my clan didn't seem to love them so much.
Our Indian Village
First we made the wigwams (joy indescribable.)
Then we made the teepees (much less painful.)
After we were done I couldn't just throw them out!
I might have this Indian village in my home when I am 97.
I can't throw it away!
October, you were fun but you wore me slap out. Little did I know that November & December were about to try and do me in for good ;) Thank goodness I lived to tell about it, right?

And the telling sure does help me see it with gratitude and grace. I guess the grace was always there ... I just needed the gratitude.

I think I could say that about every day.

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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Homeschool Hodge Podge (September)

Since I never post consistently and almost always start things that I don't finish, I figured it would be no big thing to just throw out some pics from our school year so far. I love looking back at my blog when I first started and it actually chronicled our life somewhat!

Here is a snapshot of September:

A VERY typical day

Great Wolf Lodge (yes, again)

VSU Little League Baseball Camp

County Fair (click for pics)

Carter Mountain (click for pics)

The Nina, The Pinta & The Santa Maria

Getting Ready for Football Season!
School has been so much easier this year!

And ...

School has been so much harder this year!

I am beginning to think this must be the way it goes. Just about the time you figure some things out, you find yourself in the midst of brand new challenges that can seem insurmountable.

Thank goodness God is consistent with providing opportunities where we depend on His grace & provision and also consistent with meeting me where those opportunities collide with my very weak flesh. Who needs a new year to have a fresh start?

I need one every day.


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