Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

We celebrated Daddy tonight with a very low-key evening. Hibachi (his favorite), Cold Stone (his favorite), and back-rubs from the minions (my favorite).

Back-rubbers are ready.
We tried to set the atmosphere so they would
understand to be calm and NO WRESTLING.

The candles were not a deterrent. 

These little hands were hard at work!
Hope your birthday, minus the extra punching massaging
was just what you needed. We love you! 
Happy Birthday!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Clara Update ... and Other Stuff

Friday, March 2nd
Doctor Visit - before any debridement 

After partial debridement
The doctor was only able to remove about half 
of the necrotic tissue. It was not really painful but stressful
because we had to hold her down ... which ticked her off.

Pretty gross, huh?
Progress is being made, slowly but surely.

Earlier this week 
(several days after the doctor visit)
We had some sloughing off from an area
that we aren't sure but we think may have come from 
the bandaged area? It already looks so much better than this.

This is a picture of sweet Emma whipping sweet Emily with a stick.
I am planning on using the picture as blackmail when the time is right.

Emily looks like she has 
definitely been whipped into shape ;)

We celebrated Caleb's 4th birthday.
I heart these boys! I wish they could stay
chubby-cheeked and preschool age forever!

Basketball, adios.
Hello baseball!

 All our pictures of Clara don't involve her gnarly foot.

 No doctor visit this week, so I did 
my own little debridement session here at home.
I took this picture Thursday morning, March 8th.

The dead stuff is really completely dead 
and just laying there, hardly attached. I watched our doctor 
(the surgeon) and his careful hands and thought, "Hey! I can do that!"

Not really.

Truth is, it totally freaks me out. But the old stuff just MUST come off. 
It impedes all the good growth that needs to take place and 
her little foot is working so hard to get better. 

And a little bit more ...
Saturday, March 10th

It more than disturbs me to see a chunk of flesh
missing from my baby's foot.

But it's just "her boo-boo" to her.
"Put my bambage on pease, and don't cut me."

Will do, Sugarbritches ;)
Will do.

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Ferguson Family Fun!

Our precious Ferguson family came a few weekends ago. We lived life and loved every single minute of it!

And it snowed!!!

We watched Sam play ball on Saturday afternoon.
We ordered a gigantic pizza for dinner.
Loved on babies.
Laughed till our heads hurt.
Ate till our bellies hurt.
Gave each other invaluable parenting advice.
Played in the snow!
Some ran around the house barefooted in the snow in the dark (for fun) and SOME unnamed young fella didn't fair so well. He laughed it off. He had no choice ;)
Ordered take-out from Don Papa Grande's.
Rationed the cheese dip to make up for the FIVE enchiladas they forgot :(
Built Legos.
Went to Sweet Frog!
And started counting the days till we see each other again!

Love you guys so very much. Grateful every day for the gift of your friendship in our lives ...

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