Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pray for Lydia

I know there are a few people left in the blog world who don't read Facebook and I also know that some of those are praying people.

There is a very special family that needs your prayers. Stacey & Willie are precious friends of ours and their sweet Lydia is walking through some hard days right now. You can read her story at their blog here:

Byrds' Nest

They are in Chapel Hill this week with Lydia and we get the awesome privilege of loving on their ADORABLE boys. These boys have filled our house with joy and laughter and we are blessed ... I mean truly blessed to have them here! My poor children are going to go into withdrawals when they realize that this is not where Luke & Sam will live forever. Good luck Ma & Pa Byrd gettin' these boys outta here without a fight!

Reading just a few posts on the Byrds' blog and you'll see this is not your typical family. I mean after you get over the fact that they ALL have perfect hair, it is their hearts for Him that leave the greatest impression. It is hard to write about this family without using a lot of cliche words that are thrown around and overused. Words like faith and strength.

This typical Christianese that we reserve for hard times ... or close football games should be kept on a tighter leash. So that when people like Stacey & Willie Byrd get slammed with devastating news and they stand upright in the midst of a catastrophic storm, we can say ... now THAT is faith.

Stacey shares her heart in a way that is so soothing and disconcerting at the same time. I am comforted that God is providing that fortress of protection for them and reminded that truly resting in His sovereignty is the only way to have any real peace. Her heart of thankfulness overflows with His goodness ... but I leave with a unsettled churning, an ache of sorts for something more.

If there is rest in such calamity as theirs, why do I find myself so restless ... so often? With so much to be thankful for, why must I fight such losing battles with my flesh?

God is using Lydia ... and her Momma & Daddy to bring about a revival of gratitude. See, it isn't just being thankful that our kids are okay, or that we have good jobs, nice homes, or winning teams.

Being thankful and finding rest are about HIM. If knowing Him means trusting Him ... and trusting Him means believing the gospel then how are we ever *not* thankful?

Stacey always says (with her NC twang), "that tha other stuff jus gets in tha way".

So tonight, I am thankful for a desire (that comes from Him) to start removing "tha other stuff" because I am desperate for gratitude that overflows in my heart.

We love you so, Byrd family. It hurts my heart more than you know to not have you here to hug but I know you are safe in that sweet embrace of the Lord and it does suffice so much better.

The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me;
to one who orders his way rightly I will show the salvation of God!"
-Psalm 50:23

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mercy Days 2011-2012

Our Students

11th grade

9th grade

3rd grade

Preschool - 3 years old

Preschool - One Year old 
(okay, so she turns 2 next month but
she's still a 1 year old for now!)

She is shocked that the 2nd birthday is coming so fast too!

Or maybe she is shocked because her sister 
(who was only 1 years old, like yesterday) is driving already!!!

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