Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mercy Days 2011-2012

Our Students

11th grade

9th grade

3rd grade

Preschool - 3 years old

Preschool - One Year old 
(okay, so she turns 2 next month but
she's still a 1 year old for now!)

She is shocked that the 2nd birthday is coming so fast too!

Or maybe she is shocked because her sister 
(who was only 1 years old, like yesterday) is driving already!!!

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Monica said...

You have a beautiful, beautiful family, Kim!

Christina said...

Oh, wow! What cute, cute pictures!

Amanda said...

Beautiful!! Nothing else to say, but beautiful!!

I love you, so much, my friend!!

Wendy said...

hope you have a great school year!

Lisa writes... said...

Beautiful family!! You know...I have an 12th grade boy and a 10th grade boy...maybe we could work something out *wink*