Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day of Victory?

National Sanctity of Human Life Day was January 15th (Thursday of last week). Most likely the last official Proclamation like this for quite some time.

He has surely made mistakes, but I will miss having a president who took a stand for the unwanted and unborn child.

It was seven years ago that President Bush made the Proclamation:

"Let us recognize the day with appropriate ceremonies in our homes and places of worship, rededicate ourselves to compassionate service on behalf of the weak and defenseless, and reaffirm our commitment to respect the life and dignity of every human being."

I have written some here and here about the gruesome and horrific truth of abortion. The absolute sin and hatred of God it represents and how we (including the "Christian" we) have not only turned our heads but also covered our eyes and ears to avoid looking at the atrocity.

Today, as our nation celebrates the Inauguration of our 44th President, I cannot help but to grieve.

Grieve for the unborn who will never waken to a day on this earth.

Grieve for our culture that is blind to its wicked ways and has given way to the sinful desires of idol worship ... and let us not forget ... our God is jealous.

Grieve for our nation that sees a victory in the election of our new President who has a proven disregard for human life.

While certainly there is victory in the promise of progress. The progress from a nation divided over slavery and hatred to one that has begun to heal and recognize the heinous consequences of it's actions. It is not lost on me that history is being written today.

But it comes with such a price.

The celebratory manner in which people have encircled this man is a reflection of what matters most to men ... and it seldom reflects obedience to God.

I do not see a victory in the election of this President. One who speaks hope and promise while silencing the cries of the unborn. One who has been relentless in his pursuit of more freedoms for the business of baby killing.

They are facts that don't bode well on this day of "victory".


We need to be reminded ... again and again.

Benjamin was born at 38 weeks gestation ...
An age where babies can be legally aborted in this country.


Amanda said...

It's difficult to accept. I'm trying to understand if Romans 13:1-7 applies to the current situation. While I am grieved and feel such sadness with the shift of power taking place, I feel it's important for us as believers to continue fighting those fights and figuring out how WE can stop abortion. Whether it's volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center or something else, I don't know. There is so much "change" taking place and my only hope is that I can TRUST the God almighty. He will be my rock. It will be an interesting transition.

I think this is also a time for us as believers to be excited. What if God desires us to be on our KNEES and what if being on our KNEES will bring revival to our land?

Just some things that help me get over my dissapointment.

Kim said...

Absolutely, Amanda. Embracing His perfect plan, even when it is difficult. I know I have been guilty these last 8 years of thinking that G.W. was doing enough, while I did very little. At least something of measure.

Just recently we have gathered with a group and visited a clinic downtown. Not a pregnancy clinic ... an abortion clinic. Terrifying to say the least. Knowing that those mothers are walking in and will most likely end the life of their child is unbearable.

We hope to make ourselves available to these women (or girls) who need prayer and options. There is a great deal of deception that takes place there in the clinic.

Very often they are hoping and praying that someone will provide a way out. I plan to write more after our next visit.

Uncle Scott said...

Really? Meaning...they can still be aborted at 38 weeks?


But hey who needs an abortion. Just let Obama look after it or should I say NOT look after it immediately after it's born.

God Bless America!

Kim said...


It's true.

Another dirty little secret about "choice" that no one wants to believe. I am not sure of all the states that allow late-term abortions or the varying degree of the laws in those states but I do know that it is legal in Kansas, where one of the most infamous abortion doctors has his clinic.

Dr. George Tiller offers late-term abortions for what is considered fetal abnormality. This term is somewhat relative and among the conditions listed, there is Down Syndrome (listed as Trisomy 21) and Spina Bifida (Tiffany's niece and a blogging friend of mine both have daughters with this condition ... absolutely beautiful children who have overcome incredible adversity to live very active & normal lives).

If that astounds you, wait until I write about late-term abortions that are elective and with completely healthy babies.

Sorry to ramble. I just figured that there might be others with the same questions.