Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My favorite calendar for mapping out our schedule is Amy Knapp's Big Grid Family Organizer. I should have bought it last year since it is always hard to find. It's not available on her website, but I found it at Calendar's.Com and with free shipping! The code I used is EM3X9.

I am not all about the stickers and lists but I absolutely love the gigantic size and space for appointments and menu planning. I can't tell from the picture, but all of the previous calendars have lines on each individual date box that I use for keeping up with our schedule and then a shaded box on the bottom for the menu.
I have tried so many different organizational/datebook/calendar doo-mah-flichee's but this is the one that has stuck every year. I have also used the MomAgenda to keep with me and loved it too, but it's kind of pricey. The first year I received it as a gift and the following year I found it clearanced during early spring. I'll be on the lookout for a deal because full-price is just no fun.

Benjamin seems to have turned the corner, with only one bad episode last night. Without a nebulizer here I did feel a little panicked but it subsided after spending time outside in the cold air. He still sounds like he just smoked a pack of camels but he is behaving quite ornery ... and that's a good thing ;)

I hope to post more later about our wonderful Christmas and some thoughts about the New Year.



kittyhox said...

That's the calendar I use! I used to use the
More Mom Time, but I like this one even better. I like to pencil in my planned meal at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

sure wish I had you guys when my kids were little for all the great tips you give each other. Planned meal.....what is that?