Friday, January 09, 2009

All Over the Map ... Church

I have drafted a post about church. Then I started another about Christmas. Of course, there is our visit from the Jolly family. I think I might give an overview of the last 30 days and hope with good intentions to come back and elaborate.

But. You know good intentions don't have the best reputation.

How about I'll give it my best shot? Here's the first brief installment:

Our journey through finding a church was short and covered with grace and mercy. Because we have tried to be deliberate in seeking a body that honors God and His Word through very intentional expository preaching and also closely reflects a model to the New Testament church, our options were not overwhelming.

But after our first visit to Grace Bible we were consumed with peace ... and joy ... and hope ... Our expectations were met and then surpassed!

Of course, what followed was an impending fear of doom and the inevitable reality that surely it could not be this seamless, could it? Chris spoke for most of us, one evening after visiting with the elders from Grace Bible, when he said, "we just want to know if we've hit bottom yet."

Brian and Jenn have written some and I will write more soon. The short version is: His mercies endure forever. Thank you for your prayers.

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Lisa writes... said...

Grace and mercy. The Lord is good!