Monday, March 31, 2008

I guess I'll start here...

So. Far. Behind.

Too. Many. Pictures.


Homeschool. T-Ball. Piano. Guitar. Church. Nurse the Baby. Field Hockey. Dinner. Wash Underwear. Nurse the Baby. Sweep Hairballs. Nurse the Baby. Gymnastics. Feed The Dog. Nurse The Baby.


I am about to dazzle you with a mind-numbing view of our life over the last few weeks. You may need to break for coffee or errands or Christmas shopping...and that's fine. have been warned.

The Ferguson Family Visit

Lea Ann (aka, La La or The Lurker) came from Maryland for a visit last month. We had such a sweet time! Remember these girls? Well, they all came over to my house for yummy food and some meaningful conversation.

I washed my hair and put on earrings.


Just before the *Worst Virus Ever* we had our first t-ball practice.

It's just plain cute. Our little guy is in the navy shirt and gray shorts.

When he overthrows the ball, he likes to yell, "HEY! YOU GOTTA MOVE TO GET THAT!"

He got his patience and tact from his momma.

We Bought Groceries

Hannah thought this was an impressive image, so she took a picture.
The thought of putting these groceries away made me gravely ill, so I took a nap.

Emma: The Gymnastics Saga

I have written about the process of the USA Gymnastics Program and where our Emma fit into that program. For the last year she has struggled with the practice schedule (4-days per week, 3-hours each day). This practice schedule is gravy compared to larger gyms and while we (mom & dad) were never exactly thrilled with this schedule, homeschooling seemed to allow more family time, so we continued on this long as it was what she truly wanted.

Fast forward to the new year and several teary-eyed conversations later and we have reached a conclusion. Gymnastics (part of the team) required too much of her time away from family. She came to this place all by herself, which is a blessing to my heart because I knew we were approaching a time where we (mom & dad) would have to intervene.

So. She is now participating in the Rec-Optional Team, which means practice when you want, compete when you want, and best of can make up your own routine!!!!

Emma is more thrilled and excited about gymnastics than she has been in a long, long time.

So now, she has more time to learn the art of motherly multi-tasking. Here she is taking a History test, eating cinnamon rolls and comforting baby brother :)

U.S. Army Culinary Arts Competition- Fort Lee, Virginia

We attended this cooking competition without any real expectations, but WOW! It was awesome! The kids & I were completely impressed with the skills of these chefs. Who knew that mess hall cookin' could look and taste so good?

This was my little crew's first day-long outing "by ourselves" and I think we did rather well.

That is, after the full blown panic attack that ensued following my wrong turn at the entrance of the base in which two very large men came along side of my vehicle and looked as though they might pick it up and turn it around for me.

Very picky with the safety out there.

We did get to sample what these guys were cooking (Emma sampled all, Hannah sampled some, Samuel sampled none, since they were not cookin' fruit snacks).

Hannah Turned 13!

I still cannot completely wrap my brain around this but according to her birth certificate, it's true. We celebrated together as a family and then Hannah and I spent an afternoon shopping. She was officially inducted into the world of "Clinique Cleansing Products" which for some reason makes her seem even older? We enjoyed our time together and had some beautiful talks about life and how glad we are that board shorts are in style this summer.

I am apparently swollen from some sort of allergic reaction that I developed shortly after finding out I was pregnant. Strangely enough, it has not gone away and appears to worsen after bouts of devouring cake and Dr. Pepper.

Colonial Williamsburg

We went to Williamsburg several weeks ago on an unseasonably warm day. We started off late but we still enjoyed our visit. They offer a special rate for homeschoolers during the spring and fall on particular weeks for a fraction of the regular admission price. Unfortunately, the spring special is during a time when several of the most popular demonstrations don't start for several weeks.

Homeschool Family Lovin'

We aren't sure what it is that our children have said to make this woman giggle and I'm not sure that we want to know.

I asked about picking up one of these for the house, but I think they thought I was joking.

How this lady held my son's attention is beyond me. He has a fondness for 18th century law.

Little Man Down

Samuel and Benjamin went for their well-checks together and received a combination of EIGHT SHOTS. Big brother did not shed a tear through the third shot, but threw in the towel at number four and pleaded for his life. Little brother cried enough for both of them.

The following week Samuel got very sick with Mono and ran fever for about 9 days.
Not fun.

Daddy's Birthday

We ate cake and had Japanese from our favorite place. That's about it.
Oh, yeah and he got a new bass boat.
So that means, "Happy Birthday forever & ever Daddy".

Emma's Birthday

Emma turned 11 years old and we held a sleepover party at the Homewood Suites so the girls could swim. Well that, and so that someone else could clean up the mess and make a hot breakfast. Dusty did this a few years ago with her daughter and she joined me as a chaperon this time. I have to say this idea is brilliant and I wish I had thought of it first. It is the most fun for the least amount of work and believe me, I have "worked" some birthday parties.

As a matter of full disclosure, we don't usually "do" sleepovers with the exception of one like this where I am present and AWAKE until all children are asleep. Our kids don't sleepover away from mom or dad. Period.

Do we sound like crazy, over-the-top protective parents?

Well, thank you. I'll take that as a compliment :)

Note to self:
Rabbit ears or peace sign is a very popular form of photo posing these days.

Benjamin...He's Growing


Well folks, aside from our regularly scheduled programming, that's about it. Life is good and really really busy. I am learning remembering how much little bitty babies love to cry from 7:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. and how much they love to eat. All. Day. Long.

I am also remembering how much I love little bitty babies.


Kelly said...

Sounds like you guys have been busy, but had a lot of fun. Well, minus the 9 day fever.
Your family is precious!

Jenn said...

Ok - well, I was going to do a blog post tonight but now all my free time is gone after reading yours. I had a bunch of comments but now I can't remember them...

5honeybunns said...

That was precious!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Jenn, you totally cracked me up with your comment!

Kim, you're like the funnest mom evah. Can I come live at your house?

Tracy said...

Whew! I am tired READING that. And I don't have a baby!

Loved it. All of it. Especially that you don't let your kids sleep over anywhere. :)

Digging for Pearls said...

Great photos!

My name is Jodie Wolfe. I am in the process of researching for a book I would like to write that addresses ten struggles that Christian women face. I would love to have your input as well. You can respond via email or my blog:

Thank you for any help you can give me. All I need is the list of ten things as well as your age.

Kelly said...

Looks like a busy and fun time. Makes me want to homeschool more than ever:-)

4kids&luvit said...

Three things: First, my husband and I went to Williamsburg and surrounding area for our anniversary last year and had so much fun. We hope to take the kids this year and count it as a homeschool history lesson. I love that I can do that!
Second, the sleepover at a hotel idea is a GREAT idea. I'm tired of setting up and cleaning up after parties. This is probably not any more expensive than anything else plus they get to swim! Definitely doing that this summer!
Third, I'd love to chat concerning your issues with the gymnastics. My oldest has been doing it for only a year but already has been invited to a "busier" schedule. I just don't know...

Kelly said...

Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures!

Christina said...

Thanks for sharing! I think I need to do one of these types of posts. Only no pictures since my camera broke!