Thursday, March 15, 2007

Whatever We Want....Part II


Kelly: Hippest,chic, most long-legged, long-haired momma we know!
Smart, beautiful, kind, and addicted to "pocket-books". Now where I'm from a pocket-book is something that might fit into your pocket. Let me make one thing clear. Kelly's "pocket-book" ain't fittin in nobodies pocket! Chic-momma keeps us up to date on all the latest fashions that none of us can wear, like: skinny jeans, easily damaged leather, and jewels. The rest of us are all anxious for the day that her little blond-haired baby will wipe a wad of boogers on one of her "pocket-books". On the non-superficial level, Kelly is the one the kindest and most sincere people I've ever met. Seriously.

Kim: I am borderline A.D.D., deaf, and addicted to sugar. I'm not sure why any of these fancy-pants associate with me, but I am certainly the better for it.

Lea Ann: Red-headed and much sassier than people think. She is "The Lurker" around these here blogs so beware. She has an opinion and we usually agree. She has a lot of jackets. If she and Kelly were to put together their jackets and pocketbooks the combined value could probably feed AND clothe a third world country. She's polished and she's dressed....even when she stays home. That fact right there was almost enough to write her off when we first met. She holds me accountable in every way. I make her listen to my oh-so-deep thoughts when she would rather listen to fluff. She accessorizes well.

Oh yeah, she knows me.... and she still loves me. Enough said.

Karen: One word? Petite. Perfect Posture. Polished. Professional. Polite. Okay, can't do it in one word for sure, but she is all of those things and brilliant. She can present the gospel in the most beautiful way and has made clear for me, so many things that were fuzzy. She is a teacher and it overflows into her life on so many levels. She is always calm. Always. She is very fit, but she doesn't work out. That makes me want to hurt her....or shove donuts down her throat. She makes sense of our senselessness. Did I mention her posture? I think she's picked up on my A.D.D.

I would pay cash money to see her holler at somebody.

Dusty: cute, feisty, funny, and loves to wipe. She loves to wipe...and wipe....and wipe....and wipe. Give the girl a squirt bottle of Windex and some paper towels and you will see her idea of therapy in action. On trips, Dusty is the one always tiding up, wiping things down, and gathering the garbage. Forgetful and a little scattered, but the girl can wipe. She is a giver. She will give past empty and to a fault. Her generous spirit is overwhelming to me. I have learned from that. We are both transplanted here from Texas and are forever bonded through that love for the blessed homeland. She and I both leave our groceries out too long after we go shopping and we are easily distracted. She can do a back handspring and make some mean salsa. She's good to keep around.

Jenn: don't be fooled by that blog. This girl is a spitfire. If anybody can throw a glance and send the whole room into fits of's Jenn. She's laid back, and loves a good tub of icing and some sweet tea, which was what made me realize that I needed to love her. More than that, she is honest and real. (real ornery sometimes) Seriously, her honesty and love for Jesus is infectious. Jenn loves a good pair of pj bottoms, so she could stand to sit in on a few fancy-pants lessons with me and I'm always happy to have company in my pj bottoms. She is preggo with #4 and we can't wait to love up that baby girl!

Famous words of Jenn: "Duu Whaaat?"

This is the cast of "Whatever We Want" Weekend. I will post more later about the events during our spectacular eating contest getaway!


Jenn said...

Nice pic of my double chin (as I am forced to lean back in the pic). Don't you have some facy photo-touch software?

Anonymous said...

Oh, this was so fun to read. I'm excited to finally meet all you ladies and hear about your weekend.

Kelly said...

Fun times, fun times! I can't wait to hear about all the fun you ladies had on your weekend.

janiswrites said...

It sounds like you have some great friends. Have a wonderful weekend! It looks like you have the makings of a weekend to remember! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Oh man I hate feeling left out, but so glad y'all had some fun! The pics were beautiful and fun to read all your info on the girls. Seems you got a little short winded on yourself....I could've added all kinds of fun stuff sister!

Wish we could be closer!


Kim said...


You could have easily had a part in this production! Wish you were closer...every day.

Jenn- what kind of pregnancy picture taker would I be, if I didn't get one of the ol' double chin???

Jenn said...

Ok - you need to add some stuff to your profile. Like 'always encouraging' - 'always inquisitive' - 'can drag anything our of anybody.' Also 'loves her family and faith fiercely'.

Jenn said...

Or probably better to say 'loves her family and God fiercely'.

Kim said...

I am feeling VERY left out here...but,you all have a great time without me. Tears....

Everyone sounds so sweet and fun! My kind of friends! Next time come a little more west and I will meet you somewhere in between...I'm serious.

Your friends sound wonderful and what great descriptions! And they are all so beautiful,too! I have decided you, Kim, need to write a book.


Anonymous said...

Okay Kim...what have I been telling you for years? She does need to write a book, and has some great things to share about how God has been there with her from the beginning through all the bad and good and has used her in so many others lives! I'm telling you sister...the time is near...I can feel it!