Tuesday, March 25, 2008


My boy has been terribly sick. Most likely mono but it still early to tell. He is on day seven of fever with these grotesquely swollen tonsils and glands. We have gone through almost two bottles of Motrin and he takes Tylenol with codeine when I can get it down him. The most difficult part has been getting enough fluids in him because it causes such pain for him to swallow and being concerned that his airway may get blocked when he is sleeping.

Hannah had this when she was in second grade and I am certain it is the worst virus in the world!

We may have turned the corner this morning because he came downstairs with his cup of Gatorade and said, "Mom.....guess what? I drank all my juice!"

It has been so hard to be unable to provide comfort for my son. My anxiety level rises each time I know we must give him his medicine or force fluids and I can't imagine how mothers deal with children who are chronically ill. My heart aches for them. Relying on God's timing is difficult but embracing suffering for my children is so much harder.

Prayers are coveted while he recovers.

I miss my Silly Sam.


Anonymous said...

Oh, My Sam, La La has been praying for you all weekend! I love you and am so glad you seem to be feeling better. The jelly beans and chocolate bunnies are waiting.

Kelly said...

I agree that embracing suffering for our kids is so hard. Hope he has turned the corner. I will pray for you guys!

Jill B said...

My two year old had this last year(she is now three) and mono is without a doubt the worse!! I will be praying for you and Sam. Pushing those fluids and drugs is rough, and I would cry along with Annette.
The only thing that brought her any comfort was sleeping with daddy in the big chair.
She was down for the count for about 10 days and it was really 14 before we saw the real little girl again. Get your rest too you need it!!!
Wish there was more to do than pray but know that it's enough.

5honeybunns said...

I'm glad he is finally doing better.

Christina said...

I'll pray for you and Sam.

Kelly said...

Oh no! It is so hard seeing our children sick.

Tracy said...

Poor guy! I hope he feels better soon! I will pray for him and for strength for you!