Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Days Are Long...

....but the years are short.

Oh have mercy, these past 13 years been short! I cannot believe that we are celebrating Hannah's 13th birthday today. (no comment on the stranger in the loud outfit and kinky hair)

Hannah is growing into such a lovely, kind, sensitive young lady with a heart that is being shaped by her maker. I still feel completely inadequate as her mother. Thirteen years ago, I was inadequate at caring for an infant and felt such anxiety and worry over things that now seem so trivial.

Today, I feel anxiety and worry over my example as her mother. Am I daily reflecting Christ as a wife and mother, so that I can model for her what biblical womanhood looks like? This is such a greater burden.....but God is good. He is sufficient where I am not. He carried me through the unknown waters of all-night colic sessions and He will carry me through the next very impressionable years in my daughter's life. I trust He will guide Chris and I through the unchartered territory that marks our future as her parents.

As she enters into the years that many parents dread, I don't have fear about what our culture says is inevitable.....that she will withdraw and we will drift apart. I do not embrace the mantra of "teen rebellion" or the "mother-daughter" battles that seem to be the norm through the adolescent years.

The only anxiety or fear that weighs on me is the incredible responsibility and mandate that has been set before me in His Word. Still, I take comfort in the absolute truth that God is sovereign over her life....her future....and her heart. He has already shown grace in her life and it is evident as she is drawn closer to Him.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! You are a blessing to our lives and a precious gift from God.

Today, I will open her blog to visitors so you can catch a glimpse of our sweet spirited daughter. Feel free to leave a comment. It would make her day!


Margie said...

Can't wait for the joys of 13 Mine will be there next month. Boy they grow up way too fast!

Kelly said...

Wow! The time is going too quickly... I wish I could freeze time for awhile and savor where we are! I love the fact that you don't just accept the assumptions of teenagers and relationships with their moms. You are so right that we need to trust God with those relationships and fight for what we believe in and what is God ordained.