Saturday, August 25, 2007


Do you ever have so many thoughts in your head that if you selected just *one* to focus on, then all the other 32,000 might spontaneously combust?

That would be life....and my thoughts these days.

Just a few short months ago, our house was on the market and we were a mere box, skip, and a jump away from moving.

I have thought several times about writing through that ordeal, but remember? I am pregnant and the first 12-weeks did a mighty fine job of sucking out the brain cells that control ordered thought and correct spelling.

So, instead I wrote a little bit about pregnancy and assumed I would get back to the whole sordid affair of our disrupted plans for country living.

Then summer came into full view and we spent every last cotton pickin' minute swimming and hiding our calendar......It was good.

Despite our slothy appearance, we still have had to make plans for homeschooling (another slightly large change) as well our our trip to Disney next month.

In this midst of these changes, which have proven to be so wonderful despite the sometimes difficult process that came with them, there was one change that I am still right smack dab in the thick of.

My Lea Ann is gone to Maryland and she took her family with her. We have known about this move for a whole year but did a phenomenal job of living in denial and refusing to talk about it.

It worked until now.

I am certainly not ready to write about this change just yet, as it has kept my thoughts, which are tied to my heart, in a real slow funk for the last few weeks.

God has blessed this friendship. However long we had together here was to be counted as a blessing. I know how "close" Maryland is and how that will make things "easier" for us to visit. Unfortunately that does very little to soften this blow.

It is what God has ordained. Because of this and my complete abandon for my own mediocre plans I am restful in His plan and at peace with what this distance looks like.

But it hurts my heart in ways that I cannot even visit just yet.

So in order to pull my head up off the pillow and reduce the puffiness from my jellyfish eyeballs I will post a few pics from our trip to *Selah* this past week. This little piece of heaven is the home of Kelly's parents and they are the most hospitable hosts I have ever known. I have tried desperately to figure out how to worm my way into this family. My wheels are still spinnin'.....

The weather was dreary and cool, but that was a refreshing break from the 100-degree melting pot we have had here at home. We hung out and went into Charlottesville to buy some much needed maternity clothes. Kelly is pregnant, 7-weeks behind me so I have someone to share in the joy of pregnancy and the woes of heartburn. I LOVE IT!

I will post some more pictures, but this little montage of the girls makes me laugh out loud. I hardly ever catch them on film acting "themselves" but if you know them, you will see their true colors all over these photos :) A big "muwah" to my camera. I love that I found something that moves as quickly as my life!


Leslie said...

Wow, it sounds like you've been through an awful lot this summer. At the same time, it sounds like you've had a lot of fun, too. I'm so sorry your sad these days because your friend moved. :( Love the pictures of your girls!!!

Pregnancy brain is a killer.

Wendy said...

Those are great pictures! Your new camera is awesome!

Your oldest girl looks so much like you.

Looking forward to hearing about your school year.

Tracy said...

I was almost crying for you while reading your post about your friend moving! I know how it feels to be not as close as you would want to be to someone.

Your girls are cute...the older one looks just like your picture.

I've missed reading your posts the last few weeks. I know how busy life gets though (believe me...) our company of 7 days JUST left and I am chillin' before I start cleaning like a mad person to get ready for our next set!

Am I understanding right, that this will be your first year home schooling? If it is, I am so excited for you. It is hard, not gonna lie about that, but so worth it...and we do have a lot of fun doing stuff we could never do if they were in school!

Okay...enough rambling.
p.s. I loved my pregnant brain least then I had an excuse!

Kim said...


I'm so sorry about your friend leaving!!! I went back and read all your descriptions of your wonderful friends and I had to laugh again! When one leaves, it must be really sad and hard!

Your girls look so adorable and fun! I love those great pictures. We need to get our girls together!!! They would have so much fun!

I'm sorry things didn't work out with the country living thing, but I know God has a plan!

Tracy said...

...I gave you an award. If you want you can stop over and get it!

5honeybunns said...

Sometimes what looks in our life like darkness with just a little glimmer of light is really the dawn of a new day. Praise God that today we have phones, computers, and cars that can keep us in touch with the ones we love who live so far away in a matter of seconds. You and Lea Ann will always be Kim and Lea Ann, no matter how many miles separate the two of you. Praise God for that.

Tiffany said...

I'm so sorry that you have to go through this again...not fun, and I still have moments of pure and real heartache that we have so many miles between our families as glad she will be somewhat closer.

I am however so thankful that we do have computers, blogs, phones to help us stay in touch and ALL MOST feel like we were closer. I can't wait to go on this journey of homeschooling with y'all! Talking 'bout FREEDOM!!!

Love you dear friend...can't wait to see awesome pics and hear awesome stories about your trip to Disney!!!