Monday, August 13, 2007

This one is for the boys...

Chris and his brother have been Pittsburgh Steeler fans since they were little guys. Growing up in Texas and rejecting the Cowboys was a pretty brazen choice but they have followed the Black & Gold through the good, the bad, and the ugly and some of the ugly took place right here in my very own living room.

As soon as we made the move from our beloved homeland, we immediately sized up this area and found it to be rich with cultural and historical monuments. We are 2 hours from the beach, 2 hours from the mountains and 2 hours from our nations capital. It didn't take me long to calculate that New York was easily within a days drive.

While I was excited about the prospect of seeing beautiful landscapes and national treasures, Chris had shifted his focus towards Pittsburgh. All these years of dreaming about Three Rivers and being one of those *Terrible Towel* waving fans might actually come true!

Well, fast-forward 8 years and that stadium is gone as well as every near opportunity for tickets. It seems that taking an afternoon trip to the moon might be easier than getting seats for a Steelers' game.

Until this year.

During a week-long training seminar at work that was fairly close to legalized torture, a little ray of gold & black sunshine came beaming down towards my husband. Within a matter of minutes, a phone call was made and tickets were arranged to be sent to a hotel room in his name.

Tickets....ON THE 50 YARD LINE......ON THE SECOND ROW......for the greatest fan to never see a game in person.

Is it okay to describe a grown man as giddy? Cause he was giddy.....Big. Time.

Here is an overload of pictures that will only interest you if you:

A)Love the Steelers


B)Love my husband

If it is the latter, I would prefer you state your him.

Let the photo frenzy begin!!!!

I made Chris and his brother promise to include themselves in at least one photo. These are the same brothers who ended up in Germany....BY the exact same time and took nary one photograph of themselves together or apart.

Gettin' ready for the game :)

Big Ben took
off his shoes and signed each one and gave them away. Unfortunately he was not at all smitten with Chris or his brother.

The bounty went to this kid, who was sitting to the left of Chris and Scott. There was another lucky boy sitting to the right. It was at this moment that Chris realized he had made a crucial mistake in inviting his brother instead of Sam with his utter cuteness and player appeal.

This is Troy Polamalu. We love him. He is the epitome of Captain Cavemen meets the NFL. He is always happy, even when he is being thrown around by his ponytail. The picture of him praying with a teammate before the game is my favorite.


Anonymous said...

I do love Chris because I love you, and we are related, by His blood. So glad the boys had fun. Love ya, L

Jenn said...

Good one Lea Ann!

Tracy said...

That is WAY COOL! What AWESOME pictures! Don't know your husband, and don't love the Steelers BUT...DO love the Cowboys (we have a son named Dallas, need I say more?...hey maybe you should think about that for yours...??? Or maybe not.) and can relate...We have tried a few times for my husband to go to a game, and it didn't work out. BUT this year...they are coming to Buffalo! He is going with some friends. He's psyched! (I'm just jealous 'cause I can't go with him...bunch of guys going)

Glad they had fun, it does look really awesome, I wouldn't care which team was playing, that would be amazing.

kittyhox said...

I am way way way into football.

I won't tell you what team I root for, but I do live in Seattle, so I'm sure you can figure that one out. ;)

But no hard feelings. Have a great season!

Brian Barber said...

I love Chris! Because he's my brotha of anotha motha...Sounds great. Only thing missing is the Cowher scowl.

Kim said...

Tracy - Lucky for you guys, Dallas won't have to face Pittsburgh this year so you're off the hook!

Kitty - Seattle?.....Oh yeah, The Seahawks! Seems to have a "Ring" to it.

(a ring with some bling-bling)

L & Brian - you are on the approved list of non-related "love"

5honeybunns said...

AWESOME! I am excited just reading about it. What a blessing.