Monday, August 27, 2007


When I show up for a birthday party two weeks early, she sweetly says...
"Well, least your early."

If she is in charge of breakfast and the other kids are not downstairs yet, she sets the table with love notes at each place.

When she heard a child use a horribly foul curse word this weekend at Chick-Fil-A, she cried for 15 minutes.

If I tell her to take this stack of papers and place it in the drawer next to the computer, she carries it upstairs and puts it on my bathroom cabinet.

Her brain = My brain

She loves to organize, move things around, and decorate which has proved mighty useful these last few months as we have done A LOT of that.

She is beyond offended by the sight of a bra strap, a short skirt, or a bare midriff.
"Pu-leez, cover that up."

She loves beautiful Christian hymns and praise songs but at the same time she can't resist Hank Williams Jr's, "Country Boy Can Survive". It is a sight to behold.
(we mute the bad word)

She is my most strong-willed child (at this point) which has brought me to my knees in desperation, many times. Now that her strong-will bends in the direction towards obedience to the Lord, I am on my knees in gratitude.

I am so grateful to spend the next formidable years of her life teaching, leading and watching her grow into a Godly young lady.

I love you sweet Hannah....


Wendy said...

What a sweet, sweet girl!
And, what a blessing!

Jenn said...

And I am thankful that Emmie has some like Hannah (and Emma) to look up to... they are both so sweet to invest in her life!

Leslie said...

What a touching (and funny) tribute to her. She sounds like a beautiful girl, inside and out.

I am praying that the wills of my children will be bent in God's direction, too.

Tiffany said...

I love you Hannah, and pray for you often! I miss getting to be close to y'all and watch you grow up, but thank goodness for your sweet momma's blogs and her wonderful new camera! I love that you are so kind, gentle, and love the Lord at such a young age....don't ever loose that sweet thang!!!

Give your sis and bro a big hug and kiss from Tiff,K!

Jill said...

Praise to Jesus! It is such an amazing blessing when we can see God's blessing on our kids lives!

Tracy said...

She seems so sweet! It is great that she is so sensitive.

I wanted to tell you that I tried the salsa and parm chips recipe that you posted a while back...yummy!

Kim said...

What a beautiful blessing! She is adorable and I love how sweet she is!

kittyhox said...

She sounds like one in a billion! What a special girl you have... you must be so proud!!