Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Weekend

Up tonight getting the girls ready for a weekend away with their youth group. They are going to the FOCUS conference in Asheville, NC and will be back Monday night. I am so excited for them! I am so freaking out that I will be here without any big people for 2 days!

Chris has been working out of town for 6 weeks (3 weeks down, 3 more to go!). He comes home tonight or actually early morning because his flight was delayed. He leaves again Sunday.

Stinks to high heaven but the days go by fast. I do feel myself start to come unwound about this point each week. Knowing that he is almost here ... and knowing he won't be here long enough.

Me and that fella have spent the better part of our life together. We can have some pretty gnarly "discussions" and we aren't always as good to each other as we should be.

But I love him oh-so-much & I MISS HIM when he is not here. For goodness sakes I miss him when he goes to work each day ... gone for a week is too dog-gone long.

Poor thing has a pretty long list of stuff to accomplish in just a little over 24 hours ;)

Including lots of hugs & kisses from this clan ...

And we'll see if this one lets him outta her sight for a split second ;)

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