Friday, January 13, 2012

Resolving Things a Bit ...

I have lofty goals ... they include me losing weight AND being more kind to the people who live here.

Pretty lofty, I know.

My thoughts are scattered. Hold on tight.

My oldest is getting older. Well, they are all getting older but she is definitely getting to be too old TOO fast. I make peace with that and then I feel my eyeballs start to leak & swell shut. And then my heart falls into my gut.

There went the peace.

Say what you will about being thankful for the good times, but I don't wanna think about this house without the 7 of us in it.

I know He'll meet me there when the time comes.

For this I am sure of.

I have seen Him meet the broken-hearted a time or two these past few months ... and He never shows up a second too late. Oh, how I wish I could write more poignantly about it.

It seems impossible. But, she does a beautiful job of it.

I ran errands today with the three younger kids. Sam took notice of the print on the McDonalds bag.

"I wanna go there! To the Ronald McDonald house! Is it like a big Mcdonalds?"

I tell him no. It is like a hotel but it looks more like a house. It is for families with sick children. They can stay there while their children are in the hospital.

I tell him that sweet Lydia stayed at the Ronald McDonald house with her family when they went to see the doctor last year at UNC.

(what he had read from the bag)

"When Scottie got sick he had to fly to a hospital far away.

Ronald McDonald House gave his family a place to stay close by.

With his family near, Scottie got better quicker...

so he could go back home."

"Yeah ... but it says on the bag that Scottie got better and Lydia ... Lydia didn't get better."

I wish my heart had not skipped so many beats. I wished I had thought to tell him that Lydia was better. Better than she had ever been and better than we will ever be!

Glory! How do I land here when I start off with weight loss and being sweet?

My girls have been reading through old posts on my blog. They were too young to care too much when I started ;) It has been a sweet time of remembering and it has blessed me to be reminded! Heavy moments like today and sweet moments sprinkled with memories make me think hard.

I want to pause and rest with the thoughts of my 9-year old boy when his heart is heavy. I want to avoid the ever-present rushing through my life. I want to be content more and compare less.

I want to wake up and not open my laptop before I open my bible.

When I spend time purposing to recall the most beautiful parts ...

It points me to His work in my life ...

In their lives ...

Facebook has been such an amazing thing. Amazing at connecting and drawing people together.

And amazing at sucking literal hours away from my life.

I cannot begin to tell you how I have struggled with whether or not I should remove myself from that world. I have really good arguments for both. I have really only validated the one side up until now.

I am taking my first Facebook hiatus.

Not sure how long. Can't think about the implications for too long either. I'll be posting here more often, though!

I have to do something with all these pictures of Sugar Britches.

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Monica said...

I've had that Facebook struggle before and the time away from it has been good. I've also had the struggle to be sweet to those that live here and the laptop before the Bible is a battle that I'm fighting, too. Your words are always so wise and you are one mama that I look up to. I pray that your time away is sweet and refreshing as you purpose to cherish those little and not so little ones in your home.

The Congleton Family said...

I"m glad to know you are in the world of blogging. You are so wise and I look forward to reading more:) Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart!

Anonymous said...

Good......Now I can stop sneeking on other peoples facebook to keep up with you!! Love the pictures hate seeing all of the things I miss so much. I miss your front yard, your back yard and you!!

Reagan said...

Oh Kim, you have spoken right to my heart. I have been burdened lately to let go of the un-neccesaries, to risk what others might think of me, and truly be a "haven maker". I've got a couple of sugar britches running around here too and I want to catch all of the moments, not just a few.

Thank you for the challenge. Please let me know through email if you plan any field trips. We'd love to join you!