Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This Little Piggy ...

Dad came home early Saturday morning to start off our 30-Hours-With-Dad! weekend. Gosh, with sleeping it seemed like so much less!

Saturday morning we got up super early to see the girls off, as they left for the Focus Conference. The younger three were way too excited to sleep in and we spent the morning together before heading to Sam's basketball game.

Afterwards, we came home, ate lunch and then I left to run a couple of errands.

Chris called as I was leaving the cleaners, and said to come home immediately. Clara had hurt her foot really bad and there was a lot of blood.


From what we can tell, she pulled the piano bench over and it landed on her foot. The bleeding made it impossible to see what kind of damage had been done but she was pretty good at letting us know we needed to head on to the hospital.

Chris stayed with the boys and I took Clara to Chippenham Hospital where they have a pediatric ER. We were seen quickly and the x-ray revealed that her big piggy was broken. An open fracture to be exact, because the skin was open at the break. Where the toenail meets the foot, the nail (with the pressure of the bench) punctured the skin and then broke the top portion of her toe.

She was a very sweet patient. She cried sweetly when anyone spoke to her ... and she cried like a wild animal when they cleaned that nasty wound. I sang a few dozen rounds of Jesus Loves Me, The Wheels on the Bus and My Father's World. We were both drenched in sweat after that little episode and  after they wrapped her up in a make-shift splint she was good to go :)

Took me back about 12 or 13 years ago when I held my Emma in a mummy restraint singing those same songs. She left a piece of her forehead on Dusty's kitchen counter and we had them stitch her forehead closed. I remember them telling me that it would be better if I waited outside because it would be too hard for me to stay with her.

Ummmm ... That's dumb advice. I'll sit right here and you fix my baby so we can go, thank-you-very-MUCH.

They gave us antibiotic to prevent infection and narcotics for the pain.

I think it makes good sense to give the mother at least a dose or two for the night, don't you?

I will take Clara to the orthopedist on Wednesday ... Dr. Christopher Kim.

Let's stay right here for just a minute and enjoy the ridiculousness.

Tex, her trusty physical therapist 
(I think he just hopes she drops food at some point)

They will do additional x-rays and decide what to do before putting her in a cast, possibly a bone reduction? ... At which point I may need a stiff drink and a designated driver.

She cycles in and out of pain and her patience level is just about tapped out. Like when she is sitting on the couch and just hollers out as loud she can ... "MAAAMAAA! I CAN'T WAAAAALK!!!"

She doesn't actually want to get up at that point but rather remind me and anyone else within earshot of her woeful condition ;)

Chris left Sunday around lunchtime for the week, and the girls just got home last night. We have had an interesting couple of days around here ;) My sweet neighbor has picked up groceries and taken Benjamin to play when things were crazy Monday morning. Jamie came Sunday night and brought dinner and stayed until bedtime. She took Sam back with her to their house where he had the time of his ever-lovin' life.

Thank you Jamie!

He was tearing up last night and I thought maybe he was missing Dad, or worried about Clara, or maybe he had even missed me? ... but NO. He missed Carson ... and I think they had just pulled out of the driveway ;)

So we have to keep Sugar Britches still as much as possible, which you can tell by the video is no easy feat. Once the cast gets on we can let her be a little more mobile.

Who would have thought that a piano bench and a big toe could cause so much trouble?

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Monica said...

Oh, Kim, I am so, so sorry!!! Poor baby! I hope she is able to get into a cast soon and that she's feeling better soon as well. If you need anything at all, we're here.

Reagan said...

Poor baby, poor mama! Prayers for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Breakin' my heart! So wish I could be there to hold, help, comfort you momma...and that precious baby girl! So thankful Chris was home when this happened at least...just hate that it took up your sweet time with him.

So did the girls come home to this, or had they not left yet? Can't wait to hear how their weekend was!

Love you and praying that she will heal quickly with the least amount of surgery.

Love you sis,


Kelly said...

Oh, sweet, little thing! Kim, that is pitiful! Praying for her to feel some relief from the pain.