Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Phony Pics

Having a camera in my pocket has proven to be handy on many occasions and now that Hannah has her own iPhone we are double the trouble. Of course she takes way more pics than I do and of things I would NEVER take pictures of (like the BLESSED laundry!)

It tickles me to see some of what makes the cut ;)

This is sorted laundry. It's our way of making progress 
when you know that FOLDING is asking a bit much.

Fear does not exist in this dojo, DOES IT??

Broken toe and a bad case of the coo-coos. 
She has lived out "fit to be tied" like I have never seen.

Emma made these. Pecan Meltaways.
Oh, they melted away alright.

It's disturbing and amazing at the same time.
Kind of like my life.

They stay entertained back there.

Seriously? With a cell phone?

Aw, the good ol' days.
When she wore both boots.

Emma made these too. She loves me.
Peanut butter cookies with little Reese's Cups.

She is Sugar Britches.

Like this.

I like to call this one, "NO BEN-BEN! IT'S MINE"
That is basically the theme song of their relationship.
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Reagan said...

I loved the laundry pic....I can so relate.