Thursday, January 19, 2012

Under Pressure

Clara went to the orthopedist yesterday for what we thought would be a visit to remove her splint and put on a cast to help her toe to heal.

When the temporary splint was removed we found a very ugly pressure wound on her heal. The splint was put on incorrectly by the emergency room nurse on Saturday and extensive pressure was put on her heel. Unbeknownst to us, it has been the primary source of her pain.

It has broken my heart over & over again, thinking about her writhing and crying out in such anguish, these last few days. We thought it was her toe that was giving her such fits.

I am exhausted in countless ways. I spent the better part of the morning speaking harshly to those who were in charge of the responsible parties, doctors & nurses alike, pleading with them to consider this mistake a very important problem to remedy ... THEIR problem. It was nasty at times and I am sure if salvation could be lost in a telephone conversation, mine is gone forever.

(oh, so thankful for grace)

After a visit with the Pediatric ER this afternoon and several properly concerned doctors, nurses and folks from administration, we have a suitable plan for getting this foot healed up. We meet tomorrow with the doctor at the wound care center for what may be a long process.

Thankful that she is feeling so much better already!

You can tell in this pic how she will flex her right foot 
but keeps the left foot more pointed. 

Notice the splint on the left having more of a 90-degree angle. Clara's foot was left in a downward position and then bound that way. 

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Kelly said...

Oh Kim, I am so sorry. Bless her sweet heart, and yours for dealing with the whole thing! Praying for you both!

Sarah Painter said...

oh my word.

mama bear came out, i'm sure! isn't it remarkable how we can roll some heads when someone messes with our babies?

poor thing.

please keep us updated. it looks just awful.

Reagan said...

This just hurts my heart. Praying for you and little Clara.

Anonymous said...

My MIL had a similar issue with a broken foot being splinted wrong at least twice last year...however she was old enough to know and went right back to the hospital. Poor Clara, glad she will be on the right road to mend now.

Amanda said...

Oh this broke my heart & made me cry for sweet Clara. I'm so sorry that you all are having to go through this. Praying for a faster recovery than expected & total healing for her. Hugs!

Julie said...

Oh poor little baby. . .how incredibly painful. Sometimes Mama Bear just has to come out, who else is going to take up for your cubs? I hope she begins feeling better very soon!

Anonymous said...

That is just plumb wrong...hope that nurse got a good whoopin'! So will her little foot go back once the skin heals? How certain I am that you did and said exactly what needed to be said momma! So sorry she's been hurting and you've had to sit and watch her. Praying for a quick and full healing Kim! Love you!


lori said...

Oh Kim,I'm certain the pain you were feeling was at least as bad as little Clara. I would have be livid as well. Shaylen saw the pictures and said "We need to pray for her." and so we will!!! :) Love to you and your family and prayers for a speedy recovery for Clara!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Dear Kim ~ I am so very sorry that Clara has been in so much pain. I pray that they are able to get this healed up quickly. Love Kim Pinkleton