Friday, January 20, 2012

Quick Update ...

  • Visit with Wound Care Center and Dr. Boykin went very well. Learned how to take good care of her little foot and we will visit with him again next week (and following weeks) until it is completely healed.
  • Found out that doctors & nurses get mighty nervous when a momma brings the FO-TOs with her, documenting the progression of her baby's wounds as well as the poorly wrapped splint. Kind of leaves them speechless. See how being a neurotic pitcher-taker has it's advantages?
  • Clara is so much happier and already feels a TON better. We haven't had prescription pain medicine all day and this is the first full day since Sunday. The pressure and support of the boot feels good to her and she DOES NOT like to take it off.
  • She knows the Jahnke Road exit all too well and starts to well up when we turn in that direction. :(
  • It's good to know that I wasn't the only momma who got to the boiling point over this whole ordeal. I am very grateful for the kindness and empathy that has been shown to us by the Chippenham hospital staff, since we had our little "conversation."  (link)
  • And glory-hallelujah, she can take a bath tomorrow!
***And best of all ... Daddy is home!***

He flew in early today so we had him for dinner and bedtime tonight, which was an added treat. Looking forward to spending tomorrow together :)

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Monica said...

I'm so glad you were able to get some help for her. And I'm super happy that you have your husband home! It must have been hard for him to be away during all of this. Have a sweet weekend together!

Sarah Painter said...

now that was funny. (link) i'm glad things are improving. i imagine that will take awhile to heal. :(

Uncle Scott said...

Laughed so hard Lilian came running to see what the ruckus was about. The lengths you're willing to go just for a laugh never ceases to amaze me. Poor Clara. But hey, she'll heal and you'll have another funny story to tell...kinda makes it all worth it doesn't it. Yeah, yeah, I know, my new optimistic outlook needs some tweaking. Thanks for the laugh though!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates & pictures -- yes, Daddy's home & all is right with the world!! Hope you get some much needed rest!!!! And I love the link. PapPaw last night said "they (drs. & nurses)better be glad I am here and not there!!!" And I gave an amen to that!!! And he also said "you don't mess with angry Mommas' (be it momma bear or momma kim)." Luv u gigi

Lisa writes... said...

Oh my word! Bless her heart...and yours! Thankful she is on the mend. Praying for healing--soon and very soon!