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Curriculum 2009-2010

I had hoped to link to the Homeschool Blog Hop at Life with my 3 Boybarians a few weeks ago but summer started to pick up steam and ... well Labor Day is tomorrow :)

Here's an overview of what we will be using for curriculum this year:

Hannah - 9th grade

Math - Algebra 1: Teaching Textbooks
History - Mystery of History Volume II: The Early Church and The Middle Ages
Science - Apologia Physical Science with CCA (more about CCA at the bottom of this post)
Latin - Latina Christiana alternating every other day with ...
Spanish I - Rosetta Stone
Journalism - CCA
English - Total Language Plus (1st semester-The Hiding Place, Pride and Prejudice) & Writing Strands ... we will alternate these every six weeks
Logic - Critical Thinking: Invasion of the Logic Spiders
Bible - Daily scripture memorization, Draw to Learn: The Letters of Paul, Big Truths for Young Hearts (thanks Kim @ Lifesong!)
Music - Piano

Emma - 7th grade

Math - Saxon Algebra 1/2
History - Mystery of History (same as above)
Science - Rainbow Science with CCA
Latin - Same as above
Spanish - Same as above
English - Total Language Plus (1st semester-The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Words by Heart) & Writing Strands
Logic - Same as above
Bible - Same as above
Music - Guitar

Samuel - 1st Grade

Math - Saxon 1
Phonics/Language Arts -Sonlight Beginning to Read Package with Explode the Code
Reading & Spelling Reinforcement - ClicknKids
Handwriting - Handwriting Without Tears: 1st grade
Music - Piano
Bible - Same as above
Typing - Typing Instructor for Kids
***I spent countless hours getting our schedule on a spreadsheet Chris whipped out the schedule for me on a spreadsheet in about 42 seconds, but our dinosaur computer cannot open it at home, so he will have to print it for me at work. Seeing it all mapped out helps make sense of what looks like an impossible task.

Somehow seeing the laundry all mapped out does NOT help it look less impossible.

Go figure.

The girls are attending Chesterfield Christian Academy on Thursdays. Hannah will be taking two classes and Emma will be taking one. We are excited about the prospect that this co-op has to offer. If all goes well this year we hope to (budget willing) add a class or two to the mix next year.

I will post about our schedule and what subjects we do "together" and how our teaching methods are geared towards independent study as our kids get older.

I would also love to elaborate more on each subject and how we came to choose them. I would love to ... but I am not making any promises :) I will find time to discuss MOH, because I have a great deal of enthusiasm about this curriculum.

I have written about Total Language Plus here.

I am still a Saxon fan ... to a point, but the amount of time required for me at the higher levels is too demanding. We have switched to Teaching Textbooks for high school because it requires NOTHING from me. Kendra wrote about it here and has summed up my sentiments, exactly!

Questions? I love to talk curriculum! I have gained so much wisdom and insight through the experience of other homeschoolers. Blessings as you begin your year!

He will be honing his skills at eating a whole banana in one bite
... among other things

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