Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Our First Day!

Emma - 7th grade

Watch as he manages to make his presence known ...

Hannah - 9th grade


Samuel - 1st grade

Benjamin - 19 months

And when we finally need him in the picture???

Time to work!
Benjamin, what is the capital of Italy?

Mechanical pencils taste gnarly.
Flowers from the principal ... and he's cute to boot!

We had a great first day. I am worn slap out ... but in a good way. I should be able to post my schedule tonight after my princi"pal" gets home.

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Anonymous said...

great pictures, did you do that at the beginning of the day?? Or at the end, just wondering where exatly your stress level was. ha Hope you guys have a GREAT year of learning and special bonding.
Love ya

Tracy said...

I guess I didn't realize our kids are all in the same grades. I will have Dallas at home next year as there is NO WAY I am sending him to the high school for 10th. Ethan (k/1st-ish) is the only one home with me this year. They all went with their daddy. *snif* I know it is a good thing, but I MISS THEM. Enjoy 'em!