Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sunny Days ... A Montage with Bert & Ernie

Once upon a time there was a most precious little boy who went for a visit to Busch Gardens. Little did he know that two of his best friends were there!

Ernie? Bert? In real life???
I am going to need to confirm this with my momma.
You might kind of be freaking me out a little bit.

But you sure do look like Ernie.
And momma keeps telling me it's okay.

Now I know you are legit!

I cannot contain my excitement and on that note ...
I need to stick my tongue out.

I am all about squeezing your nose.
Or eating it.

I think ...
I love you Ernie.

Scuse me? Ernie?

Mind if I tag along?

Adios Momma.
"I'm on my way to where the air is sweet."

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Tracy said...

The picture of him hugging Ernie...SO cute!

By the you know if baby #5 is boy or girl???

Kim said...