Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Maymont...then and now

We went to Maymont Park in Richmond last week. The weather was glorious and we had a good day...for the most part :)

I MUST post a little ditty about our day, but the school bell is ringing. You need to know that I am now convinced of these three things:

1.) Jenn could join the Marines and hold her own...especially if double strollers are part of boot camp.
2.) Joshua (three-years old) has a fire in his pants. He could give the Kenyans a run for their money ANY day.
3.) I have been to Maymont before and I should know the layout by now, but I have a horrible memory.

*Dusty and Lea Ann....don't even start. You know how this story ends.

I will leave you with some pictures of my children that I took several years ago at Maymont and one I took last week.

Nostalgia does not even begin to cover it.


Jenn said...

Ok - you made it sound like the last time you went was when the girls were little but by that pic - you went pretty recently, in the last couple of years ... we're gonna have to do something about your memory!!

Kim said...

It was actually four years ago, believe it or not! Girl, four years is plenty of time to forget all kinds of things!

Jenn said...

Ok - well, maybe 4 is alot... I'll give grace this time...

Shannon said...

What beautiful kids and it sounds like you made some great memories! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that was 4 years ago! I looked at my pictures from that day and the kids are all just babies. And now, 14 is a few weeks away for Ellen. Somebody better be having some fun, Time sure is flying! Love ya friend, sure wish I could have been there to show you around. Jenn, don't let her get lost! Lea Ann