Monday, June 16, 2008

Stay Tuned....

I plan on taking a picture of my baby boy wearing this little outfit...with red stitching....and pearlized snap buttons just like Buck Owens.

And this straw cowboy hat. It is tiny. It is hysterical. You will wet your pants.
I also plan on writing a little more after I show you that picture. But I will give you a chance to catch your breath and wipe your eyes.

Christina asked me a wonderful question in the comments of my previous post. A topic that is so very near and dear to my heart. A topic that tempts me to use too many words. So I am working on condensing those thoughts to something a little more manageable than 26 chapters. I am working on it.

I am also trying to write and post some pic's about our adventures lately. I try to use this blog as a journal of our day-to-day life since it is the only place where I record any memories! Apparently, we are making a lot of memories lately because I cannot seem to find the time to do anything but breeze through my favorite blogs without even leaving a comment.

I love you girls! You know who you are!!!!

How about until then, I'll leave you with a little glimpse of the goings-on at
mi casa loco....

Samuel plans on renaming Benjamin when he gets older......He wants to call him Jesus.

When he kicked the dog the other day he claimed it wasn't a kick, but rather a punch with his foot.

Emma petted and stroked a very large
bull-snake at the pool the other day and professed love for it.

I have to disown her now.

Hannah had her very first babysitting job this morning. She was prepared and excited beyond belief. I don't think she slept.

Oh yeah, and her foot is the same size as mine.
This news may not disturb you, but it is very troubling to me.

Chris officiates and participates in nightly wrestling matches with our children that involve trophies, background music, and signature moves.

All on our bed.

Life is good :)

Let me send you to some other places where the writing is articulate and the thoughts clear and concise.....

Five Hindrances To Self-Control

Tips For Self-Discipline

I just realized the connection of these two posts. Obviously, I am in need of a bit of correction in the area of "self" these days, huh?

Do you love His appearing? You really need to listen Brian... Jenn's husband, our friend, and the teaching elder for Grace Fellowship. Take the time. Listen to his sermon from June 8th on Psalm 98.

You will be blessed.


Anonymous said...

I've pushed four children out of my doesn't take much to make me pee in my pants. I can't wait. At least it will be over cuteness and not a huge sneeze.

Christina said...

At least if she wears the same size, it doubles both your options for what shoes to wear!