Thursday, December 20, 2007

A glimpse....

This was supposed to be a glimpse of our week, but that would mean that I would have posted it several weeks ago.


Because I took two Sudafed and there isn't wallpaper to install or a 5,000 piece puzzle to put together I suppose I will take this drug-induced energy and put it to some sort of good use.

Well, and now I am supposed to somehow collect my thoughts and remember what in tarnation we've been doing for the last few weeks.

Let's start with a massive dumping of photographs.

Remember this little fella? He turned a whopping 5 years old and we celebrated at an indoor playground. The party/playdate was a smashing success and because we were scheduled in the afternoon when most reasonable mothers are putting their children down for naps, our homeschool herd nearly had the place to themselves!

These are Jenn's kids, Coleman and Emmie...

These are Sophia's kids: Briley, Seviann (with Emma), & Sabree...

Here are two of Dusty's kids, Hayden & Elliott...

Here is Kelly's little boy, Joshua....

In the time it took for me to post all these pictures, I have already used up every last bit of my stamina. Simply pathetic.

I would love to write long and thought-provoking posts about how much we love homeschool.

One sentence?

The most bless-ed and wonderful decision I have made this side of parenting.

Or maybe a long-winded essay about the joys of the 33rd week of pregnancy.

One sentence?

My ribs are on fire.

Of course I could easily write about the challenges of having an addition built onto your house while you are 33-weeks pregnant and homeschooling.

One sentence?

"Mr. Contractor.....when you heard me yellin' at the top of my lungs, "LAY DOWN... ON THE FLOOR.... RIGHT NOW OR SO HELP ME"....I was actually addressing the dog."

Seriously, our lives are very full and I love to record the important milestones, so I will return tomorrow with (hopefully) a recap of the past few weeks.



Anonymous said...

You are absolutely hilarious! So, did the contractor get down on the floor for you?

Wendy said...

I'm laughing here too...
So good to hear from you! Oh my, I remember the rib pain. So glad you are enjoying homeschooling.

Hope you have a great Christmas w/your family!

Christina said...

Great pictures of the party! Hang in there with the addition. We did the same thing. Me being pregnant through the whole time we were adding on, homeschooling, and I was on bed rest! But it was so worth it. You will love the extra space.

Tiffany said...

Fun days! I know having it all going on at the same time is nuts, but it makes for great stories and memories later on! Glad Samuel had a great birthday!