Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Piano Recital...Saintly Sisters

The girls had their piano recital this past weekend. They each played individual pieces and then they played a perky little duet of "When The Saints Go Marching In". They have played this a zillion times, flawlessly and at mock speed just for the fun of it. Well....factor in 100 people to include their Gigi and you might have a small hiccup.

This first clip is the hiccup.
Please note the looooooong pause where the hiccup occurs. There was no movement from either girl. No sound. Nothing. Nada.

Later on, after the recital I did find out that words were actually exchanged through some clenched teeth and baited breath. There seemed to be some varying opinion on whether to start over (Hannah) or just pick up where the hiccup began (Emma). You must.....absolutely must....find the humor in this because as I was videoing it, I was on the verge of hee-haw laughter.

They did such a wonderful job and we could not be more proud of their hard work....hiccups and all ;)

A concession has been made.....and the song is played.


Anonymous said...

That is priceless!!

You know, I played the same song for my piano recital...and I botched it royally. We have the video to prove it. I decided to start over, too.

Don't sweat it girls!! The second time was great!!

kittyhox said...

Oh my goodness, what darling girls.

I remember my first piano recital, at seven. I froze when I made an error, midway, then fell apart (onstage) and bawled through the second half of the piece. I remember feeling like I'd made a total fool of myself.

So I am quite impressed with your daughters' composure! What a fun memory - I'm so glad you've captured it on film and blog!


Kim said...

How sweet! What fun memories! They look beautiful and played it VERY well!


Dandelion Momma-Janis said...

What a beautiful job they did! You have two very special little girls. I am sure that you are very proud! Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

I think they knew if they played it perfect then it wouldn't have made for a good story on momma's blog....so they were just trying to help the motha out...huh girls??? :)

Glad your GiGi could be there to see you! Can't wait to see pics from her visit!

Love y'all,


Now I'm gonna be singing O when the saints go marchin' ALL DAY!!!!

Kelly said...

What a pair!

Loraena said...

Cute, cute! I am a piano teacher, so needless to say - I relate to this type of things! I definitely have a love/hate relationship with recitals - before hand I always think they are more trouble than they are worth, but once it's over, everybody celebrates (especially me!). And occasionally "hiccups" are unavoidable no matter how much practicing has occured. lol

Kate said...

absolutely adorable! my #2 will play her first recital in two weeks. we are hearing the "playing at mach speed" these days!