Thursday, May 10, 2007

Giraffe + $2.00 = Mommy

What do the giraffe and two bucks have in common?
Well, to Samuel they apparently say....M. O. M.

Samuel's preschool class hosted a little picnic lunch for the "Mommys" and we were each given cards that expressed their thoughts about their Momma's. He said that I was as pretty as a giraffe and that I was worth $2.00.

Now I must admit, when I first read Samuel's impression of his momma, I was a bit confused with the giraffe comparison. Since then, I have done a quick study of the species and I am now... ever so flattered.

First of all, I can appreciate the lashes. What girl doesn't want to be compared to a creature with such lovely, luscious, and naturally long lashes? Compliment taken.

Next, we share the intrusion of the ever-so-present chin hairs. Well. It's true. Giraffe Momma....this momma can relate. Since I am human and this fair lady in the picture is not then we cannot judge her because her hormonal imbalance has gotten the best of her. She can't tweeze for goodness sakes.

Then there are the little character traits that are common to both the giraffe and myself.

"The giraffe, although from sixteen to twenty feet in height, is perfectly defenseless, and can only trust to the swiftness of its pace and the extraordinary power of vision, for its means of protection.

The giraffe defends itself against threats by kicking with great force. A single well-placed kick of an adult giraffe can shatter a lion's skull or break its spine."

O.K.....Do you find the resemblance? Well, I think it is quite obvious (apart from our height difference). I too, am often defenseless against my small and nimble offspring, but I am quick folks. Quick... and I see all. Think....eyes in the back of my head kind-of vision. Are you gettin' it?

Then there is the spine-breaking kickin'. While I have never been on the receiving end of a lion attack I can say that kickin' is something I can do. I spent a great many years on the dance floor as a young ballerina and we did some serious kickin'. Haven't had to use it yet, but I keep myself ready just in case.

The giraffe has one of the shortest sleep requirements of any mammal, which is between 10 minutes and two hours in a 24-hour period. This has led to the myth that giraffes cannot lie down and that if they do so, they will die.

OH MY GOSH! That is soooo me. Actually I think I have laid down many a night with the impending feeling that death was coming....soon. Please God. Take me home. Before anyone else needs to be nursed, rocked, changed, wiped down, hosed off, read to, or tucked in for the upteenth time. Yes, I admit to saying as I have flopped onto my bed in a groaning prayer, "Oh dear God, I am going to die".

I sure enough didn't think it was a "myth" for goodness sakes.

Then there is the $2.00. Well that one was easy. Being as how Samuel strums his guitar with a nickel, then two bucks is a fair piece more than that wouldn't you say? He hardly ever even holds a one dollar bill in his hand, much less two. Being worth $2.00 to my boy spoke volumes to me. Well, that and being 6 years old. I did find out I was one of the "older" moms in the class. Most of the others were 2 to 5 years old.

It's the gray streak in front. It throws everybody.

Sweet Samuel, I am honored to be worth a whole $2.00. I think giraffe's are beautiful to you and so you must see me that way. Either that or you think I have an incredibly long neck. You love me more than sky and there isn't much bigger in this world.... than that.

Being your mom is priceless and I am blessed beyond words to be chosen as your mother.

And....I will never look at another giraffe the same way. Thank you baby boy.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice how you failed to address the sleep requirement discrepency? Lurker Girl

Kim said...

Well, there is that discrepancy....and the fact that the animal is covered in huge brown spots and gives birth standing up. Oh yeah and has horns growing out of her head.

I only have those once a month.

Anonymous said...

How sweet! And hilarious!!

You didn't mention their long black tongues, either.

Anonymous said...

I'm partial to the chin hairs comment!!! Just haven't ever been the same since that time on the ferris wheel!! I think of you EVERY TIME I've gotta pluck!

Love the momma giraffe kissing the baby! I loved those things that we used to do in mother's day out/Wee school....oh the days!!!

Love you and happy mother's day to one of my favorite motha's in the world!!! XOXOXOXO


Anonymous said...

I love the fact that you took the time to see life through Samuel's eyes and researched the giraffe online--that speaks volumes about you, girl. Glass half full--praise God. Love, Sophia

Kelly said...

Precious! Parker did something similar at MDO and they are priceless!

Kate said...

Ha! That is sooo cute! It made me laugh. Love the girrafe comparison. I didn't know giraffes did not lie down - crazy!!

Jenn said...

For some reason, I'm not lying down these days either!

Kim said...

Awww so sweet!

This is hilarious!