Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Changes 'round here...

Does my fridge look different than it did back then?

Our house is on the market and ....well, according my realtor, people will more likely want to buy my house if my fridge looks neckid (Emma's words). I find this practice bizarre but I go with the flow and remove all the "life" from my icebox.

I always thought it was about the square footage and the curb appeal?

My life is topsy-turvy right now and if Samuel makes it through this endeavor we will be shoutin' about God's grace the whole time. Cause that is all that is keeping his skin attached to his bottom right now.

Help him Jesus. Keep him safe.

Help me Jesus. Keep me sane.

We must sell our home in order for all my dreams to come true and for chickens to grace my backyard. Lord, we need patience to rain down here.

Patience and a potential buyer with no contingencies who loves a red dining room.


Anonymous said...

Oh my Kim....I didn't think about all the COLOR that we splashed on those walls! Wonder if the people there in Virginia will be able to appreciate all the COLOR that we like here in our homes in Texas!

Do I need to come and bring my white paint with me?

Hang in there...and ship that boy to his peeps in Texas...we'll take care of him!!!

Can't wait to come see the land!!!



Anonymous said...

Are you selling your house to homeschool?! Did I miss something? Please blog about this and how you decided to take this leap.

I felt embarrassed when I looked at your nekkid fridge. Put something on it, please!

Kim said...

Tiff- The first "lookers" loved the house...minus the red room, but we offered to paint if necessary. It has taken a while for Virginians to appreciate the *red* dining room tradition.

Leslie- Girl, I could homeschool in the back of my car if I needed to, but my "dream" has always been to live in the country and we are taking steps toward making that dream come true. I can't wait to post about it, but I think I should wait until we have the deal really sealed up.

Kelly said...

I feel your pain! We are still cleaning out and doing minor maintenance to get ours ready! With 3 little ones, I am truly at a loss for how we will survive!
My kitchen is red, but most people down here have a red room!
What about your sonic and target requirement? How country are you talking??

Kim said...

How wonderful! We would love to find 10 acres and build again one day. I love being out in the country,too...our neighborhood is kinda country living in a country club kinda way...

I can't wait to hear all about it! I'm extremely excited for you!