Tuesday, October 31, 2006

You wanna see my icebox?

In Texas, I grew up calling a refrigerator an icebox. I still do sometimes, and my kids stand there with this blank stare and say, "icebox....what's an icebox?" and then I give up and and say refrigerator! I've also tried to ditch my slang habits of calling a shopping cart a "buggy" or a grocery bag a "sack" or a dish rag a "cup towel" and even my favorite because no one EVER knows what I am talking about when I say, "bo-bo" (not boo-boo) meaning your tushy.

Put on your listening ears, cause it sounds a little something like this:

"Keep your hands outta the sack and sit-down (one word) in that buggy right now or I'm gonna spank your bo-bo!!!"

Did I just lose all three of my readers? Sorry for the revert but I guess the whole icebox verbage was a trigger.

The point is.... I was tagged! Yipee! First Leslie, and then Jenn. I am with ya Jenn on the "meme" phrase. I even looked it up because the only time I've ever used that word is when I am referring to my husband's grandmother and even then we spell it "MiMi"!!! :)

Here's my fridge (or icebox)It stays pretty "busy" but there is some order to the chaos (just like our life)

This side is for pictures mostly and I try to keep it just our kids but we keep our sweet friends in Texas on the front because they are so much like family and so far away we need to see their faces everyday! (did you like that one Tiff?)

On the freezer side, we have the lovely magnet collection of places we have been. Most recently we added the Helen Keller gigantic coin from the Ivy Green museum and the Tennessee Valley Railroad magnet, both from our road travels this summer through the southern states.

Samuel's artwork is on the bottom half and I'm sad to say that I get less and less art from the girls these days and when I do it is poster size so it goes on the wall instead :)

The cabinet side is hodgepodge and has misc. photos, phone numbers and some *really* old magnets that I can't part with.

I'm glad I took a picture of my fridge! I am so sentimental and I would love to see a picture of my fridge from 5, 10, and 15 years ago. I think I'm going to start making a yearly habit of this! So thanks *meme* whoever you are and thanks Leslie and Jenn for including me in the fun.

O.K., now for tagging. Jenn & Leslie have tagged everyone that I know in the world of *blog* except my Tiff! So tag Tiff, your it!


Amy said...

You have a fun fridge...err icebox :) I love all the pics and magnets.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your slang! I totally followed every bit of it. You made me laugh out loud!

Thanks for doing the meme. Wasn't that fun?!

"meme"--my husband assures me that it must be french, pronounced mem (try to sound French). I have no idea where it comes from or what it means. I'm going straight to Wikipedia!

Kim said...

Thanks Amy! The meme was fun Leslie :) I think the fridge probably says alot about the family. Glad to know there are still some closet hillbillies out there!

Kim said...

I LOVE it! So many memories and and kid's things!!!! All that is on mine is smudgy grubby fingerprints....but I wait a long time before cleaning them. I love those little fingerprints!

Kelly said...

Love the slang! I am originally from southern Mississippi, so I am soo with you on the words only known in the south. We used "rags" not washcloths, and I still say buggy! Lots of fun!

Jenn said...

I say "buggy" too. And I call a convenience store a "zippy mart." And we say our children are being "ugly" not meaning how they look but how they act.

Tiffany said...

Okay you've probably noticed that I have been blogless lately...too dang busy to put in my favorite hick word!!! I will try and get my pics up and on my blog and catch up with life! I've got lot's to say and no time to say it!!