Friday, November 03, 2006

Pumpkin Carving

I defend the condition of these pumpkins by first stating that I am not a professional pumpkin carver. That shouldn't come as a surprise, especially after taking a look at these gourds after I was finished with them! I suppose the whole *pattern* idea is wise, but I prefer the "saw-as-you-go" method. For those who know me, this shouldn't come as a surprise either!

Emma enjoyed sinking her hands into the meat of her pumpkin, which unfortunately had been in the blazing sun for too many days and started to grow a little *soft* on the backside, if ya know what I mean (groan from the crowd). It was her idea to carve the cross, which was easy in comparison to the Ichthus! From the look on Hannah's face you can see that *pumpkin- gutting* is not her thing. Sorry Dad, it looks like you've only got one fish cleaner in this set of sisters :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, those are good!

Wendy said...

Great idea!