Sunday, February 04, 2007

It ain't last year's SuperBowl :(

WE LOVE THE STEELERS!!! Last year's SuperBowl was a big fat fun time! Whoo-wee, we had so much fun. There was a lot of yellin' and screamin' and eatin' and cheering!

Play-doh even got in on the act:

Girls wearing football jersey's (you know we got it bad!)

We even did the whole face painting thing:


We had the Cowher Scowl!

SWEET VICTORY! and the roof blows off at our house!!!!!

OH, yea....we had "The Bus"

We had BIG BEN and his oh-so-fabulous motorsickle! (take note of the ball cap in lieu of a helmet....this plays a vital role in the rest of the story)

Ball cap is not goes downhill from here

One appendix down, several losses to go....

Weak stomach's- look away.....

Cowher Retires

So, tonight we will eat our cheese dip and *I guess* half-heartedly choose a side...The 2007 season will certainly bring some wonder and excitement to our house. A new head coach after 15 seasons should be interesting and whether or not Ben is still "recovering" from his appendix surgery should be null & void by that point......

We still love ya Black & Gold!!!


Anonymous said...

Ok, allow me to help you choose sides since you don't really care. You MUST pull for The Bears!!! After what Peyton Manning and the Vols did to Bama in 1995 I will forever wish for him to be a loser! I was THERE at Legion Field that night and it was a bitter, BITTER, painful loss! I can't stand Peyton Manning. If you are my true friend, then you will cheer for the Bears and send bad vibes to Manning and the Colts. I realize you are also friends with Kelly (party of five), and she may wield greater influence over you, but, trust me, no matter what she tells you....I can't bring myself to type what I am thinking right now about Tennessee and Manning because I am a Christian woman. You must cheer for Da Bears. For all that is holy and good in this world! ROLL TIDE!

Jenn said...

Ok Kim - Leslie can probably give you better spiritual advice, but you'd better listen to me about football. (Leslie, this may be the first time that we have disagreed ...) Kim - root for the Colts. I love Peyton Manning (even though I used to be a Roll Tide fan - why? I don't know - I'm from GA but my parents were from AL - so a few years ago I decided to change to being a GA fan for college football). Anyhoo - I think Peyton deserves to win just to show all the commentators that they were wrong. I like the colts and the colts head coach. And remember Kim, I know where you live!!

Jenn said...

Brian said you should have cheered for the Colts anyway b/c their coach (Tony Dungy) used to play for the Steelers!

Kim said...

Girls, days of tusslin' & hair pullin' are long gone!(unless you start talking smack about the Steelers)

Leslie- you have got to admit that it was wonderful to hear Dungy give more credence and recognition to the fact that he and Lovie Smith were "Christians" over the *First African-American coach to win...* yada-yada. He gave a nod in that direction of being the first and then and then pointed directly to the Lord! I have heard Lovie Smith's testimony and I do think he is a rare commodity. We need more like him. (both of them)

Of course, I know Lovie would have done the same thing and that did make this SuperBowl unique, didn't it?

I have this "lurker" friend who reads all of our blogs and then sends me her comments on my e-mail. She is a Tennessee native and I will not keep her identity concealed much longer. I'll tell you this. She used the phrase, "Miss Leslie" in her e-mail (which in the south is code for, "let's take it outside")

....a little feisty, huh? Leslie- you might want to watch your back. She's a redhead, but you've probably got a couple of inches on her.

Now- if the Steelers make it to the SuperBowl next year (and as Flo would say, "when donkeys fly") and they are up against either of your favorites, these gloves are coming off!!!!

Blessings ladies- have a lovely day.