Thursday, February 01, 2007

Better than nothin!

Our first snowfall- Virginia/Winter 2000

The last couple of winters here have been pretty stinky, in terms of snowfall. The first year we came to Virginia was 1999 and we really got some snow that winter! You have seen nothing until you have seen a couple of families from Texas livin' and breathin' through their very first snowfall. I'm talking real snowfall here folks. No brown snow. No twigs poking through. No gathering snow from buckets and wheelbarrows and the neighbor's yard in order to make a snowball. No sir. We got over a FOOT of snow that winter and that was more than I had ever seen accumulate over the course of.. my.. lifetime.. spent in the great state of Texas. We were unprepared to say the least. Here's a list of the items we gathered to "make do" for our first real snow:

Baggies: baggies were necessary to go underneath our gloves (they were cloth) and our shoes (they were shoes, not boots and therefore not waterproof- hence the need for baggies)
Pajamas: no thermals, so we wore pj's under our pants
Pajamas: no thermals, so we wore pj's under our pants (not a typo- we really wore two pair of pj's)
Husband's steel-toed boots (me): I thought this would make sense because they were at least Scotch-guarded? They worked great agaisn't falling glaciers but they were not meant for traction. I learned this the hard way.
Laundry Basket: served as a sled

So off we went; my girls with their London Fog church coats, 17 layers of plastic and pj's, and a laundry basket. Do you think we stood out???? Uh....yea.
Oh it cracks me up today! What goobers we were :)

So now we are pro's. We have our ski gear and all the right equipment and guess what? WE NEVER GET SNOW ANYMORE!!! So today we celebrate our little pathetic piddly excuse for snow and enjoy every single 1/2 inch of it! If you are a Texan, then I know you will look at these pictures and sigh and dream and think "oh how fun"! If you are from Colorado then you are laughing hysterically that we are actually calling this bitty bit of white slush- snow! But we are grateful nonetheless.

Hannah pulls the little prince.....

The dog would lose his mind every time the kids would get on the sled so he had to stay behind the fence. This was difficult for the dog and his dog-boy to deal with. Tex thinks that he and Samuel came from the same litter.......(so does Sam)



The youngest Olympic Bobsledders ever....

We have waited so long for this blessed teacup of snow that Samuel cannot bear to part with our Little Winter Wonderland, even if his cheeks look like they are about to ignite. Another day little man.....


janiswrites said...

We got some snow here in Georgia, too. It wasn't much, but you have to take what you can get, don't you? Your kids look like they had a lot of fun! Blessings!

Wendy said...

Great pictures, especially the first one.

You can have some of our snow. I think we still have about 7 inches on the ground and it is -2 right now. Burr!

Jenn said...

We got out in it too! I even pulled the kids in the sled (but not uphill!) The kids went back out when Brian got home. Maybe we'll get some more this year. Thanks for Sam's old bibs - Calvin loved it!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with two layers of pjs, huh? When I was a kid and it snowed, that's all we had! Is that not good enough anymore!?

It looks like you guys had a blast! The kids are hoping we get some snow before the season passes. I'm afraid we're too far south, though.

Kelly said...

Love it! We got a little snow last night and will be donning inappropriate gear later today! Great dog name. Our lab is Knox after our hometown of Knoxville!

Kelly said...

I love the baggies and laundry basket! You have such beautiful kids.