Monday, February 05, 2007

Mi Vida Loca

.....My Crazy Life

I thought about posting separately but it was just too fun to drag everyone through the events of the past few days :)

Friday morning after taking Emma to school, Samuel and I had about 30-45 minutes at home before we had to head out the door. While I was downstairs cleaning up the breakfast dishes, Sam and his accomplice headed upstairs to play in his room.....I thought. About 15-20 minutes later, he came down with a little bit of marker on his hand. I paid him no mind because he plays with markers and I had no real concern about dirty hands. Now before you take a peek at these photos, I want you to know these few things:

I was present in the home and not vacationing in the south of France. It may appear that my son was alone in our home for hours unsupervised, due to the extreme detail of his handy work. I assure you my friends, this was a man on a mission. He had 15 minutes and that's all he needed. I took the photos because after it was all cleaned up, I wanted the girls to understand what kind of close & intimate friendship I had formed with Mr. Clean Eraser.



Dresser- don't you love the symmetry?

Sheets & not pictured.....THE QUILT

Did I say, the whole dresser?

Chicken Little- Defaced

The Weapon

The CD Player & not pictured.....THE CD!!! Samuel is nothing if not thorough.

The Bed

Felicity's Shoe...Do you see the evidence that a dog was involved?

An attempt at a butterfly?

Samuel would have liked for me to focus on number #4, but I was thinking he should really be working on the third from the last.

Friday night our Biblical Beauty topic was "Purity". Wonderful lesson, but I found it challenging on many levels. We have tried to teach purity to our daughters at early ages through modesty, age-appropriate programming, proper speech, etc...As they have gotten older, we have been impressing upon them, the plan that God has for their lives. The plan that God is not only wanting to preserve their body for their husbands, but their hearts as well is completely foreign to most of the girls who are coming on Friday's. They are CONSUMED with boys and not just talking, but gifts......dances.......and most parents are supporting every single bit of it. I have a girl in my group whose little brother (2nd grade) has a girlfriend who he buys gifts for every holiday and has taken her out on a "little date" with the parents.

My sweet friend came dressed in her wedding gown and acted out a small skit. She was hauling a heavy suitcase to the alter full of the all the things that she had done throughout her teenage years that compromised her purity. She explained that the choices she made seemed harmless at the time, but they caused her to carry this baggage with her and now as she is about to become a bride, she must hand this heavy luggage over to her groom. Inside the suitcase were pictures: eyes, hands, lips, thoughts, etc. and for each picture she would explain how she used these things in ways that did not honor God. They led her to make decisions that were not a part of God's plan for purity and saving herself-heart & soul for her mate. My sweet sister has FOUR children and fit into her itty bitty super sparkly wedding gown and it thrilled the girls (and her husband) to no end! All this in between carting our 4th graders to gymnastics :) Thank ya Dusty.

The dog got a haircut last week and came home looking like the smartest of the three stooges. We laughed our heads off and then took him back and got it fixed. It sort of looked like my mushroom bangs of 1988! The pic's might not do justice but we never really post pictures of Tex, so here ya go:

He looks so ashamed.

All Better!

Last but not least and this post has taken waaaaaayyy too long. Those who know Big Daddy (aka: Chris) know that he has taken the bullet and driven the "paid for" car for as long as we have had children. He drove a 1991 Ford Tempo for a good spell and it was so small, that he pushed the driver's seat all the way back and would wave out the back window. He was keepin' it real. Cracked us up and we've always said that our *Hooptie* cars have kept us humble.

After that we bought the VW Jetta which was awesome on mileage (over 50 miles to the gallon & diesel), teeny tiny, and quite expensive on repairs. 100,000 miles means more work, so we made the decision to get Big Daddy a *Man Car* that he can throw carcass into the back and still carry to children to and fro. He needed a vehicle that he could hitch a boat to (we don't have one) or put the camper shell on for a week and live in the mountains (ain't gonna happen). Big Daddy needed a big truck, you see. A truck says, "I provide for my family and I can shift into 4-wheel drive at anytime". Well Daddy, this has been comin' for a long time now

Drum roll please..................

Bring on the wild turkey & caribou.


Wendy said...

Oh my, he was a little man on a mission. I hope you were able to get it all out. I love those magic erasers too.

char said...

My friend Dawn sent me the link to your site. She thought I'd appreciate Samuel's efforts and guess what?? I can completely relate!! Check out my blog if you want, and see what my Emma accomplished in the last few days!! God Bless us all!!

Anonymous said...

This whole post cracked me up. My two year Annette found someone's chocolate and drew with Rolos on the windows. Yuck!. Needless to say we now have a no candy policy in little girl purses.
And I so want to do this bible study with my girls when they are old enough (2 and 6). What a great visual lesson. Your friend rocks!
Finally, did you frame your kids baptism gowns? or dedication gowns is that what is in the background of the photo?

Jill from Omaha.

Laurel Wreath said...

Oh my goodness. I cringed through all the "art" pictures... Loved the wedding dress picture, and hubby drooled over truck picture.

Great post!!!

Leslie said...

Been there done that! However, I still have not found anything that will get the marker off of our wall! I've tried everything!!! So, I just moved a bookshelf in front of it.

Your friend Dusty is so cool to do that! She looks great in her gown.

You'll never believe hubby also drove a Ford Tempo ("the GL--stands for classic") and he had to put the drivers seat all the way back, too. He has loooong legs. Anyhoo, I am finding with each of your posts that we have some very strange things in common...

Kelly said...

Whew! What a few days you've had. You son is quite prolific! Wouldn't it be great to have his "romp" on video?

Kim said...

Char- thanks for visiting! It's nice to know I am in the company of so many others :)

Jill- what a waste of Rolos. I think that would have made me madder than the mess!

The frames in the background of the pic are what my babies wore for their "dedication" at church.
I was only allowed to dress Samuel is smocking for that one day because he was the boy after 7 years of precious pink!

Actually both girls also came home from the hospital in the dress cause in Texas comin' home from the hospital is big-tadoo! I laugh now, because I see pictures of me looking like death in saggy maternity clothes carrying this little white angel all smocked & laced like she's headed for her
wedding :)

Kim said...

Laurel- my hubby is still drooling :)

Leslie - I think I know where our differences lie. At the same rate that you inhale literature, about all I can do is inhale oreos. There's gotta be that balance in a great friendship, right?

Classic? Oh yea, you know it!

Kelly - "Romp" -to play or frolic in a lively or boisterous manner.

You have very accurately described what my boy does from sunup to sundown :)

I can see that teacher come out in you! I could search all day for the *appropriate word* to describe what he did and you so kindly chose, "prolific". I may need to contact you if he feeds the dog another Gameboy game. My vocab is running dry.

Jessica said...

Your blog made me smile today. I am glad that you got the marker off and the dog's hair fixed : ) Beautiful family, too, BTW!

Kim said...

This is all hysterical! Your friend was so cute to do that! The truck is really nice! Samuel and Evie would have a great time together. : )

Amy said...

Oooh, what a shiny new truck! EVERYONE drives trucks around here, unless like us, they have too many children to fit in one. I think it's a combination of genuine cowboy country and the nasty driving conditions we live with most of the year

Oh yes, I can so relate to the marker episode, LOL! We had that happen in the dining room of the place we were RENTING. The landlord had used eggshell finish paint and every time I tried to wash the WASHABLE markers off the paint would come right off and leave the marker slightly faded. ARGH!

Charles said...

"Classic? Oh yea, you know it!"

I think you meant to say 'yeah'

yea rhymes with hay

yeah is slang for yes as in "Yeah baby!" - austin powers


your anal brother-in-law