Monday, February 20, 2012

What a weekend! Oh so thankful for friends who see you through from those first years of marriage and diapers to grown (or nearly grown) children and a union solidified in grace. It is truly a GIFT. Some of the most joy-filled moments were spent matching socks with my sweet Lea Ann. While some of that joy came from being together, I must say that finding matches for several hundred thousand socks (give or take a few) is always freakishly therapeutic.

On another note, my baby is 17. I am so grateful for this sweet journey of mothering a daughter and she is a precious gem to me! Oh, bless the heart of every firstborn child and thank God for grace, right ladies? We tend to be a teensy bit hard & fast with that firstborn ;)

So I am praying that the next year creeps by cause she is awfully close to flying this coop ... and I can't think about that for too long without getting horribly weepy ... and there aren't enough socks in this world to console me ♥

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