Thursday, February 16, 2012

In Other News ... Benjamin is 4!

So it's not all pressure ulcers and wound care around here! We have most definitely been doing a whole bunch of other stuff too! Including the celebration of a VERY excited little boy who turned 4 years old last month :)

I have never seen a child in my life so anxious and excited for his birthday to come. It was more fun watching that anticipation than Christmas :)

Because this post might hold the record for most pictures, I am really gonna try and let the pictures do the talking on this one.

Except this first picture.

Because it would be wrong to not give a little credit here.

Chris traveled for the better part of 6 weeks and was only home on Saturdays ... leaving out on Sunday after lunch. On this particular Saturday we celebrated our Benjamin boy but not before Dad did his duty and took care of the dooties in the backyard.

With his shorts on.
With his boots on.
With his coffee in his hand.

Once the poop was scooped, we were ready to party!

Pig-tailed Jessie thought this party was for her.

Making herself at home in the lap of Chris' long-lost bearded twin.

Emma & her beau :)

Don't credit me for too much. I was "inspired" by other peoples great ideas.
Pinterest is the best way to plan a party! We printed these from the computer :) 
They look just like the ones from the movie!

Picture collage from Disney World

Phenomenal weather made playing outside the order of the day.
I had plenty of games prepared but nothing beats warm weather in January!

Woody had some static issues.

Happy boy :)

Um. Has this boy already perfected the smolder? 

Sweet Ellerie!

Emily "Joy"

Sweet Sarah :)

Blindfolded race to fix the Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head ...

Her boots ;)


Guess How Many Army Men?
(canister on the table)


It wouldn't be a party without an Emily & Benjamin Hug-Fest

She was so excited about her Benjamin's presents!

Treat Bags

Cake time!

I love this sweet little sequence ...

We had a lot of fun (maybe too much) coloring pics 
to decorate for the party! It became an escape of sorts ... 
"No, I can't do school right now! I need to get this artwork done!"

My favorite cowboy.

Thankful for sweet friends :)

Coleman has made himself a little piggy-tailed friend.
She thinks he is the best!

Discussing deep 4-year old thoughts.
Somehow (although I knew better) I actually
thought he would stay little a little bit longer.

We throw in pics of Sam Byrd because ...


The night ended with MORE TRAMPOLINE!
It's like cowbell ... but more dangerous.

Party's over.

Thanks for comin' folks. 
I got some cowboy business to tend to ...

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Jenn said...

Where's a good pic of you in your overalls?! Come on now!!

Jill said...

Makes me sad that I don't have a little one so I can get to come to these way fun parties!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing!!! gigi

lori said...

Adorable!! :)