Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So I have had a love/hate relationship with blogging over the years. Between trying to steal away time to collect my thoughts and then finding the balance with completing them, all the while trying not to neglect my other responsibilities has proven to be a bit challenging.

Made obvious by my very extended blogging vacations ;)

Then there are the times when I attempt to journal without words, and I have painstakingly uploaded pictures, only to have them not show up where they should ... not to mention the time it takes uploading 5 pics at a time.


So while stealing away time is still practically impossible, I have found a solution to getting photos on the blog without it taking forever!

Yes! Uploading pictures is finally easier! It's probably been easier for a long long time but I only recently found out how to use Picasa to upload as many pictures as I want ... all at once ... instantly!

At the very least I will be able to update my blog with pictures to journal our days. Being able to revisit these days that are passing by so quickly is a very sweet blessing!

Chris picked this precious little picnic table up at Sam's and the whole thing folds
flat and is very light & portable. You really can't hate Virginia weather for too long
because then it goes and shows off with glorious spring days like this one.
Pollen Reaction :( Not as bad as last year but we are still trying to figure out how to manage this before the onset.
Once it gets the upper-hand, things quickly get out of control.

Hannah & her affinity for babies and the window seat :)

We take far too many pictures of her.
We like to take pictures.
Taking pictures of babies is the best.
And she makes an easy subject.
We spend springtime cheering on this fella ...
This is his first year pitching and he has loved it!
Sunday Afternoon Make-up Game
So last year she sat in her stroller.
And that was SO last year.
It looks like they are running in opposite directions.
And so goes my life.

Coach Daddy

Might be one of my favorite pictures.
Sneak peeks of real life are beautiful to me.

And now for the photo montage of Clara and her face. The child has a vicious scowl like none of my other children but it can transform instantaneously and light up a room :)

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Amy said...

LOVE it all...such sweet memories and beautiful kiddos.

Amanda- Texas Girl born and raised! said...

She is so beautiful! Especially in person! Ava Beth LOVEs her!