Wednesday, April 20, 2011

November Hodge Podge - The Photo Shoot :)

So where was I? Catching up on this year that has just about gotten away from me. What in the world???

Way back in November, Lea Ann (sweet, precious, everybody should have one but not everybody can be so lucky to have one, THAT Lea Ann) came to visit and took some precious pictures of mi familia and these are our first family pictures in about 10 years! What a gift! What a treasure! What better way to torture my husband!

It was nice to have Lea Ann's helping hand but it was even nicer to have her close enough to touch.

You know how sometimes when life gets really hard & you feel like you have just about unraveled yourself?

And then you have a conversation with someone who loves Jesus (and you) enough to begin that tedious mending process?

But you can't hold it together and stitch yourself up at the same time?

I am thankful for Lea Ann who has held me together more times than I can count while the Lord does the mendin'.

Clara is one!

He's a little bit proud of her.

We think it's very very cute when she cries.

She is very much not amused.

Yeah, it's a sweet picture. Too bad you can't hear the commentary ;)

That's my man.

My girls

Our kids have been friends since before forever.
It is such a sweet thing to see friendships that last.


This is Lea Ann
She sometimes holds me together
And she sometimes helps me cook dinner over the phone
And she reminds me how to love my husband like Jesus
And she never ever forgets my birthday
Even though I almost never remember hers
And she doesn't think passing gas is funny
Even though I do
And she talks me down off the ledge ...

Real friends never leave each other on the ledge
Her Sister ... once little now big

Friends ... also once little now big

Already, I see this and my heart aches for November.
Where on earth do the days disappear to?
It's good to be their momma ...
Even if I have to climb up on the ledge sometimes to see it :)

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Reagan said...

Completely gorgeous!!!

lori said...

Love Love Love! <3