Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Thankful ... Day 3

I am thankful for Clara Hope and the gift of having more children than we "planned" earlier in our marriage. There are no words for the gratitude I have for God moving in our hearts and causing us to reevaluate what He desired for us rather than how we "felt" about our family size.

Disclaimer: This is not about quiver-full. Not EVEN going there ;)

I am just saying that ultimately there are things in life that should never be left up to just how we feel. Since feelings are most often centered around us.

I have felt like making some pretty intense decisions in my life only to find out later that my heart was changed and therefore so did my outlook. Including the Lord in decisions that ultimately belong to Him has given me (us) a much greater peace during the process and a greater faith in His perfect provision over our lives.

Children are a blessing. No debate. The bible says so. No matter how many children you have, if you are reading this blog I would be fairly certain that you would agree. My encouragement would be to pray earnestly about being dependent on the Lord for guidance in this area and making decisions that give honor and glory to Him.

Being thankful for Clara had to include our dependence on Him in growing our family.

Without that we would not have the joy that is her life, today!

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Jenn said...

Yes, there is much peace when we trust in His sovereignty and His ways!

Leslie said...

Well said! She's a beauty.

Sophia said...

She is an amazingly beautiful girl, as are all your girls and your extremely handsome sons.