Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Thankful ... Day 2

I am thankful for motherhood.

I love how God takes a young girl (either in spirit or in age) and uses that firstborn baby to transform her life.

I remember coming home with Hannah with a very preconceived and haughty opinion of what this whole mothering gig would look like. I also remember cramming her carseat in the back of my two-door sports car (because it was PLENTY big!) and dressing her like she was headed to a wedding, all the while sweating buckets because it was 86 degrees in the middle of February and my nerves were a teensy bit shot.

And after the first sleepless night without my mother-in-law, I cried for what must have been 16 hours straight.

Wow. Talk about a reality check.

And the incessant worrying? Have mercy on my soul, I worried myself into a knot more times than I can count! I have diagnosed each of my first three children with at least one life-threatening illness only to have my pediatrician laugh behind his clipboard.

Having more babies has been such a soothing balm to that worried momma.

You really do live to tell about ... at least the parts you can remember, and those are few and far between.

So fast-forward almost 16 years and four more babies. My sage wisdom from those years?

Sleeping through the night is most definitely *not* the most worrisome thing.

And ...

Trust and obey the Lord.

Motherhood has been the vessel that God has used to strip me ... again and again of any self-worth that I struggle to keep.

I am grateful that God is faithful to labor with me as I continually purge the sins of selfishness, pride, fear, and more (and more).

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Wendy said...

I love this idea!!!

Amy said...

YAY!!!! A post a day!!! Love it! And I'm so very thankful for motherhood as well. It is the highest of callings and I'm enjoying every moment!

Anonymous said...

"Trust and obey"...beautiful, simple, unyielding.
Thank you for your words, LaLa

Anonymous said...

You provide reminders to me everyday and for that I am grateful. Thank you for sharing!
-your appreciative neighbor