Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer Still

Still hoping that these last couple of weeks of summer will drag on and seem to last unusually long. Based on how quickly June and July flew by, I am not getting my hopes up.

We are headed out today to meet up with friends for shopping ... the girls mostly. I'll take the babies and Samuel with me and hopefully accomplish a few things between the stroller exchanges and Goldfish parties :)

After a very overwhelming couple of months I am desperate to find joy in accomplishing a few things and considering this season not only a blessing but a fleeting one. Changing priorities always manages to shift into neutral for me during the summer. Seldom have I come away feeling refreshed. The lack of rhythm and responsibility is not a healthy combo for me.

So next week I am implementing the end-of-summer-but-we-still-have-a-TON-of-stuff-to-do schedule. Daily updates on my progress will be my accountability partner ... I hope ;)

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Amanda said...

BEAUTIFUL girls! Loved our talk about the Summer and glad we are starting on the same day. So blessed to have your support but I wish it could be in person.