Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 2

I never said I would post every day but look! It's day 2 and here I am!

I think with the late hour and the headache my ponytail is giving me, I will organize my thoughts with bullets tonight. The dots help me find my place.
  • I went to bed last night with a headache and both ears hurting too (very strange for me) and the house was a complete disaster. I had taken the girls shopping and to spend the night with friends and by the time I got home and cared for the younger set, it was late, I was tired, and the house suffered for it.
  • Little did I know, Chris stayed up for the better part of the night cleaning. The kitchen alone was a booger but the man also organized and cleaned the playroom ... he sorted the cars by size (it's not contagious) and man-handled some GIANT hair/dust balls. If any of you have hardwood throughout your house you understand what I am talking about. It is crazy how big those suckers can get!
  • I woke up thinking that I could *maybe* clean the kitchen while he was gone fishing but not expecting to accomplish much. I wrangled Benjamin for a bit (which became the theme for the day) and came downstairs and began singing praises to my dear husband.
  • Since the house was straight I was able to sit down and start to convulse go over my curriculum and figure out what I still needed.
  • I am convinced that I will never be able to do this that if I am diligent these next couple of weeks I will be ready.
  • I am also delusional.
  • I ran a few errands this afternoon. Picked up a prescription for Vitamin-D and a new set of dentures.
  • Kidding on the second part but who my age needs Vitamin-D for crying out loud? I am telling you that I don't think summer visited my soul this year and my ghostly white legs are a testament to that.
  • I totally snuck in some phone calls while I was out running errands because I didn't have Cagney & Lacey with me listening in, taking notes, and reporting my crime ;) It's hard to have a juicy decent conversation with teenage girls around ;)
  • I rearranged Benjamin's attitude at least 42 times and pleaded with God for his salvation ... you know just in case.
  • I marinated chicken but picked up Japanese instead.
As the day is coming to an end, I plan on working through a bit more of the curriculum pile and then heading to bed before 8/22. I have been watching the calendar change days way too much lately. I am an early morning girl with early morning kiddos. Late nights are tempting but not healthy for me.

Tomorrow is the day that the Lord has made ... I will rejoice and be glad in it.

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Jill said...

Loved every word. I can't agree with you more about having conversations without listening ears. My 10 year old is like a hawk and hears and knows all. She can almost repeat conversations I've had with others on the phone.
That's when I pray extra hard that the words of my lips match the meditations of my heart.

Love that you are posting again on a regular basis. You are always such an encouragement to me!

Amanda said...

I love this picture of that baby girl! She is a BEAUTY!! She looks like Benjamin to me.

Thank you for fitting in some conversation with me. It was nice to tackle the curriculum with you. You bless me more than you could ever imagine.

Love to you!

Wendy said...

So cute!

Kelly said...

Oh, what a blessing to awaken to a clean kitchen (and be still my heart, orgainzed toys and a clean floor!). Isn't it just the best gift ever for your husband to see a need and fill it without being asked?

Cagney and Lacey? Love that! I have a pair too, and often forget, so I am sure they have heard way too much sometimes:-)

Christina said...

Oh, we get those dust balls too! And I think we are the same age, and I had to take a mega dose of Vit. D this year. It actually really helped my energy levels. Who knew? Blessings on your school year!