Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rainy Days Don't Bring Him Down

Chris and I were sitting out watching the rain yesterday. The kids and I have been gone to Maryland for the past few days so Daddy & I were catching up.

As we talked, we watched a large portion of the front yard begin to swell up. We both yelled remarked, "Hey there is a large lump growing in the front yard!"

We deduced quickly that the plastic tubing which is buried under our yard and connected to our gutters had somehow come loose and the rain was making it's way out ... one way or the other.

And although we came to that conclusion rather quickly it was not before my mind wandered to thoughts of a volcanic eruption or underground creature.

Good thing for the ol' rational thinking husband ;)

Anyhow. Chris ran out into the yard to climb atop the blanket of grass and release the pressure.

Benjamin soon followed with reckless abandon.

These pics were taken with my camera on the wrong setting and I normally would not publish them ... because blurry pictures make my stomach hurt.

But they tell the cutest story ...

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Lisa writes... said...

How fun!

How are you feeling? I know you are so excited about the newest blessing!

Christina said...

Cute pictures, even if they are blurry. I'm glad you posted them.

On a totally different note, I can finally get your blog on my google reader! So now I'm officially subscribed. Yeah!

Kelly said...

So precious! I think these will be among your favorites to reflect back on in a few years:-)