Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Husband the Comedian ... Part III

As we approach our 18th year of marriage we can only give glory to God above for seeing fit to bind our hearts to His ... thus being the only way we can then love one another with hearts full of grace.

God also saw fit to give us each a love of laughter and a ridiculous sense of humor.

For this to make any sense whatsoever, you need to know that I married a cowboy-lookin' fella. He wore a black Stetson hat, black Justin boots, & black Wrangler jeans. Since his roots were bound in the suburbs, he also wore a cream & white striped Guess shirt.

Hold up while I visit that memory for just a minute.

It was "the look", ya'll. And he pulled it off rather well.

He often sported a full beard but to mix things up, he would also don a Fu Manchu. It went well with "the look".

Over the last 18+ years he has made idle threats about growing another one and I have followed suit by threatening to kill him pretend I do not know who he is.

So it's funny. When he jokes about growing a cowboy mustache. Cause he's just joking.

He most always has some sort of goatee ... the very tame sort ... nothing long or braided.

Like this:

Then a couple of weeks ago I came home to my husband's handsome face sporting ...

I held my breath for what seemed like eternity a few minutes, waiting on him to tell me that HE WAS JOKING.

Which he finally did.

Because remember? He is a comedian.

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Anonymous said...

LOL!!! I wonder what my husband would look like with one of those. He usually sports the full beard or a goatee.

exnyers said...

that's really funny! erick pulls the "facial hair tricks" on occasion too. i never know if i should say it looks nice or run screaming from the room... but we haven't been married as long as you two just yet ;)

and i see SOOOOO much samuel in the last pic of him! wow!